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Trump complains he was allowed “ZERO” witnesses as Senate votes to block witnesses

Trump complains he was allowed “ZERO” witnesses as Senate votes to block witnesses

As Senate Republicans prepare to vote to deny any more witnesses or evidence from being introduced into the impeachment trial, Donald Trump is already on the misinformation offensive.

The president took to Twitter to loudly complain that he was allowed “zero” witnesses while House Democrats had 17 en route to declaring the whole thing the most “unfair witch hunt in the history of the United States Congress,” the existence of the Benghazi hearings somehow notwithstanding.

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Like most Trump tweets these days, this is a bananas amalgamation of lie, delusion, and truth all mashed together in a way that makes his point. Despite efforts to suppress all evidence of Trump’s crimes, three Republican-requested witnesses testified at Trump’s impeachment hearing before the House Intelligence Committee— former U.S. special envoy for Ukraine Kurt Volker, Pentagon Ukraine expert David Hale, and National Security Counsel Russia and Europe expert Tim Morrison. Each delivered damning testimony about the president’s schemes, presumably because they were under oath, but as much as the president wishes otherwise, that does not negate the fact that they were called by his allies.

Judging from Sen. Lamar Alexander’s statements on Twitter last night, the Republicans have concluded that yes, the Democrats had a case and did their job — the Republicans just don’t care.

For Trump to complain about fairness after the Republicans have spent the past week and a half making it clear that they never had any intention of conducting a fair trial is an infuriatingly dishonest lie, and we cannot afford to let Donald Trump get away with hoodwinking the nation into thinking that he is the victim in all this mess.


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