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Trump spends morning after Senate victory golfing and gloating on Twitter

Trump spends morning after Senate victory golfing and gloating on Twitter

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Stay away from Donald Trump’s Twitter feed today if the sight of a guilty defendant gleefully gloating over his miraculous acquittal — by a jury of senators including some of whom by all rights should have been recused from participating because of their own involvement in the president’s misdeeds — makes you want to vomit and then file for emigration to less corrupt shores.

A day after the Republican-controlled Senate under Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) voted to refuse to allow additional witnesses and documents — even after the bombshell revelations from former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s first-hand account of the president’s guilt of the charges for which he was impeached — Trump was ready to thumb his nose at the 75% of voters who indicated that they wanted to hear from witnesses in the sham trial.

The decision to buck public sentiment by Republicans in the Senate may have branded them forever as cowardly, anti-democracy partisans undermining the constitutional order and the rule of law in America, but it virtually ensured that when the Senate holds its final vote on the removal of the president from office, Trump will get off scot-free and be able to do anything he desires with impunity for the remainder of his term, confident that the compliant GOP will not hold him accountable, no matter the cost.

The president began his premature victory lap with a boast about his perplexingly resurging poll numbers despite the weeks of presentation of the evidence of his massive corruption.

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Trump fails to mention that while his poll numbers have indeed rebounded to a level not regularly seen since the first month he took office, they are still far exceeded by the 52% of the populace who disapprove of his performance.

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Performance is the operative word here as the president boasts that his supporters come for the panem et circenses — the bread and circuses — that the showman, reality show host president provides. While Trump may think that America is winning again, his narrow definition of who exactly constitutes an American in his mind may explain why so many citizens are not feeling tremendously victorious at the moment.

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After a few tweets celebrating the likely assassination of a Yemeni al-Queda leader by American drones in an act of fealty to his Saudi benefactor, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Trump decided to simply rub our faces in his glee by tweeting a picture of himself on the golf course at his Florida resort, his 245th day of golfing since he took office.

In case his carefree pleasure wasn’t apparent enough in his previous tweets, Trump signaled the source of his glee with the pinned tweet at the top of his feed.

Commenting on an out of context clip of his former National Security Advisor on Fox News discussing corruption in Ukraine, the president tweaked John Bolton whose decision to come forward at the last minute to offer to testify under oath before the Senate about his definitive witness of the president’s crimes nearly upended Senator McConnell’s carefully planned witnessless sham impeachment trial.

While the game won’t officially be over until the Senate takes the final vote on dismissing the charges against Trump on the day after his State of the Union address, there are still some surprises that could emerge in the next few days, including any additional revelations leaked from Bolton’s upcoming tell-all book and further evidence leaked by the indicted associate of trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, Lev Parnas.

While the chances of any of those revelations changing enough Republican senators’ minds to reach the 2/3rds threshold to remove Trump from office are minimal, they will only add to the illegitimacy of the president’s acquittal and hopefully inspire enough Americans who stayed home in the last presidential election to get to the polls to vote out this criminal president and all of his Republican enablers and co-conspirators in Congress to decisively cleanse the stench of massive corruption from our government.

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