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Trump slams Bloomberg in pitiful tweetstorm ahead of competing Super Bowl ads

Trump slams Bloomberg in pitiful tweetstorm ahead of competing Super Bowl ads

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Perhaps it’s the code of the rich or their shared heritage in elite New York City society, but out of all the Democratic candidates running against Donald Trump, the one candidate that he’s spent the least time attacking is former mayor Michael Bloomberg…until now.

As a late entrant into the Democratic primaries and one who has yet to make a debate appearance in front of a national TV audience, Bloomberg’s profile has been relatively low until he began to spend a portion of his considerable wealth on a barrage of TV ads, some of which directly called for Trump’s removal from office during his impeachment trial.

With the Democratic National Committee changing the qualification rules for the next Democratic debate to exclude the grassroots funding support threshold used in previous debates, Bloomberg will likely be joining the other remaining Democratic hopefuls on stage and have the opportunity to determine whether he can compete with existing frontrunners.

That new development, combined with the $10 million Super Bowl ad that the former New York mayor will be running during the game today — an ad that the Trump campaign felt compelled to match in a painful move for the president’s campaign coffers— has now triggered Trump’s political threat radar and a subsequent tweetstorm attacking the self-made billionaire business media mogul.

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Ignoring, as usual, his wife Melania’s “Be Best!” anti-bullying campaign, Trump refers to the short-statured Bloomberg as “Mini Mike” and attempts to paint the former Republican with his “Fake News” brush.

The idea of the documented holder of the presidential record for the most lies uttered during their tenure explaining why nobody believes the Fake News Media anymore is so tired at this point that it’s more sad and pathetic than laughable.

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Trump’s assessment of Bloomberg’s media-centric campaign strategy may mirror the opinions of other, more conventional political analysts, but his assertion that real billionaire is working in cahoots with the DNC to thwart the leading progressive candidate— rather than playing offense for his fellow billionaires terrified at the prospect of the loss of their Republican-granted tax holiday and paying their fair share of the national budget — smacks of a combination of paranoia and political manipulation aimed at creating divisiveness among his Democratic opponents.

Trump wasn’t done with his assault against Bloomberg quite yet.

His insecurities, hypocrisy, and predilection for projection were on full display as the president — who is often seen leaning forward at a frightening angle reportedly due to the shoe lifts he wears to help him achieve his claimed height of 6’3″ (despite the fact that even with the lifts he appears shorter than the 6’2″ Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau) — mocked the 5’8″ presidential contender for supposedly requesting the ability to stand on a platform during the debates to appear taller, in an apocryphal accusation.

The Bloomberg campaign immediately denied the accusation and added Trump’s maliciously erroneous claim to his ever-increasing tally of falsehoods.

Bloomberg campaign spokesperson Julie Wood replied to the president’s accusations, which he repeated in an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News, with a withering statement:

“The president is lying,” Wood said. “He is a pathological liar who lies about everything: his fake hair, his obesity, and his spray-on tan.”

How nice it is to see the campaign of a former Republican recognize that the emperor is wearing no clothes.

You can see the brave anti-gun violence Super Bowl ad that helped trigger Donald Trump’s tantrum against Democratic hopeful Mike Bloomberg in the video below.

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