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Trump launches wild, frantic tweet spree complaining about impeachment

Trump launches wild, frantic tweet spree complaining about impeachment

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His acquittal in a rigged trial with a pre-ordained outcome virtually assured, Donald Trump must know that the vindication he seeks will never be legitimately earned — given the lack of witnesses and evidence that can contradict the incriminating testimony that has already been presented to the Senate by the House impeachment managers and what the public knows has been withheld from public scrutiny.

Still, the con-man-in-chief seeks to convince the world — or at least his gullible supporters — that his criminal attempts to trade military aid to Ukraine for information meant to damage the electoral prospects of his prospective presidential rival Joe Biden were only a “Hoax,” as he continued to claim on Twitter this morning.

In the post-fact world that the president has created in what’s left of his mind, people should “Read the Transcripts” of his phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky — you know, the ones that say right on the front page that they are “not a verbatim transcript” of the call and have been noted as having been redacted by Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman who was in the room at the time of the call — and listen to the still-traumatized victims of his extortion plot when they say “No Pressure” with the threat of a future aid cut-off still hanging over their heads.

Add your name to tell the Senate: CONVICT DONALD TRUMP!

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Almost Homeric in his repetition of rote phrases like “the Do Nothing, Radical Left Dems,” it makes sense that our least literate president should resort to the same mnemonic devices that bards of the pre-literate oral tradition used to memorize their tales of epic battles and the “rosy-fingered Dawn” for the battle he is waging is indeed epic, although only he and his cult visualize the president as the hero in this story.

After his initial volley, Trump took a brief break from the fight against those trying to hold him accountable for his impeachable crimes to urge Republicans in Iowa to go out to caucus for him in a Republican primary whose results are also a foregone conclusion.

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Still, with Iowa farmers still reeling from the toll Trump’s trade wars have taken on their incomes, the president felt the need to forecast a future as rosy as Homer’s dawn for those faithfully — and fruitlessly — waiting for his campaign promises of a prosperous future to materialize.

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While many people would agree that only Donald Trump could have pulled off what is happening in our nation now, the majority, unlike the president, would not see his failure to deliver on his promises and pushing their delivery date into the future as something to brag about.

Trump’s next tweet was reminiscent of an elderly couch potato roaming around the house looking for the lost remote and other misplaced items while musing aloud about the disappointments in his life.

Apparently, the president is still trying to pass off the patriotic efforts of a legally-protected whistleblower who exposed his criminal actions to the world as a huge conspiracy theory aimed by Democrats to bring down his presidency, despite the fact that ALL of the whistleblowers’ accusations were confirmed by the subsequent testimony in the House impeachment hearings by those few witnesses brave enough to defy the White House’s blanket prohibition against cooperating in the investigation.

It was that last bit of obstruction of Congress that led to the second article of impeachment with which the House charged Trump as it did do its job to the best of its ability in the face of an unprecedented coverup.

Trump already knows the answers to the bogus questions he’s posing. His tweets are merely his gaslighting attempts to convince enough of his gullible supporters to “reject the evidence of their eyes and ears” as George Orwell predicted in 1984.

We can only hope that the rigged impeachment trial doesn’t discourage enough people from showing up to the polls and voting this most disastrous president in history out of office because of their complete disgust with the political process that Trump is handed a second term. That would be the real hoax perpetrated on the American people.

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