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Trump publicly brags about Comey firing, trashes “dirty cops”and “bullsh*t” Russia probe

Trump publicly brags about Comey firing, trashes “dirty cops”and “bullsh*t” Russia probe

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Forever impeached President Donald Trump just held a wide-ranging impromptu speech full of stunning lies and a national confession to his first high crime of office — dismissing the FBI Director for lawfully investigating his ties to Russia.

After starting his day complaining about Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney’s vote to convict him for high crimes, Trump continued his rant to an East Room crowd of mostly his elected supporters. Trump slammed the former GOP standard-bearer and religious Mormon for “using religion as a crutch” because he’s the only member of his party to do the right thing.

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But President Trump saved his worst comments for the inevitable self-pity over the investigations into his corrupt alliances with foreign governments, calling the Russia investigation “bullshit”— because it revealed he knew Putin was helping him, sought the help and covered it up.

Once again, Trump confessed that he fired former FBI Director James Comey for rightfully investigating the President’s betrayal of our nation to foreign powers.

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The impeached president, whose party refused to call witnesses or examine new evidence in a sham Senate trial, then moved on and directed his vitriol at the courageous Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

Former U.S. Office of Government Ethics head Walter Shaub summarized Trump’s savage remarks about the Speaker.

After venting at people telling the truth, President Trump spent an extended amount of time praising the GOP lawmakers who have covered up his crimes.

“Kevin and Mitch love their jobs,” said Trump about Moscow Mitch McConnell, the GOP senate leader who fouled the impeachment trial by total cooperation with the White House, and about House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy who got caught on tape saying that Russia funds Trump during the 2016 election, but vigorously lying for the president all these years anyway.

Donald Trump praised various legislators including Florida man Rep. Matt “Pizza” Gaetz, ending a three-week tiff because he wouldn’t vote for a pointless war, and he called obnoxiously loud Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) “smart,” probably because he’s widely known as the dumbest member of Congress.

Finishing the praise festival for his toadies, Trump turned back to his enemies list, complaining about FBI agents’ comments from almost four years ago and former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe.

As President, Trump has consistently delivered unhinged remarks when handed a microphone and a national audience.

The sometimes slurring his words president concluded his remarks that lasted over an hour by pretending he had all 53 Republican votes in the impeachment trial, even though he did not.

However, this afternoon’s wild rant has a different character now that Trump believes he’s gotten away entirely scott-free with his high crimes and feels free to complain about “bullshit” in public while slamming the very religious fealty that hoisted him into the highest office in the land.

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