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FOX host wonders if Pelosi speech tear “lacked more in decorum” than Trump “p*ssy-grab” tape

FOX host wonders if Pelosi speech tear “lacked more in decorum” than Trump “p*ssy-grab” tape

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The right-wing propaganda empire has made it clear that there’s no defense too outrageous, too absurd, or too offensive when it comes to excusing the president’s misdeeds and complaining about his critics — but FOX’s streaming service really hit rock bottom when it came to the infamous Pelosi speech-tearing.

Media Matters for America, those brave and tireless patriots who force themselves to watch countless hours of mindless FOX programming in order to document what the enemy is saying, discovered a very disturbing exchange between FOX Nation co-hosts Tom Shillue and Britt McHenry.

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Shillue essentially argues that the spectacle of Pelosi tearing up that speech “lacked more in decorum” than anything Trump has ever done, including bragging about sexually assaulting women about “grabbing their p*ssies:”

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Shillue wonders “Is there anything, I’m trying to think, because the idea, I don’t think people should clutch their pearls over it. But the idea you should bring attention to it because all people seem to talk about is Donald Trump and his lack of decorum. Has he ever done anything in the ballpark of ripping up a speech like that on TV? I’m trying to think of the worst thing Trump has ever done, including that tape of him from NBC. What has he done that is lacking in decorum more than that?”

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His co-host Britt McHenry agreed that “Not more than that.”

It is truly mind-boggling to hear the president’s sycophantic yes-men stoop so low as to work an exoneration for his sexual assault brags into a condemnation of the Speaker’s powerful gesture of defiance. Any rational person can see that the president violates “decorum” worse than the speech-tear on a weekly basis; he usually does it first thing in the morning when he picks up his phone!

Original reporting by Media Matters for America.


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