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Trump complains embarrassing viral photo of him with glaring spray tan line is doctored

Trump complains embarrassing viral photo of him with glaring spray tan line is doctored

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No word describes Donald Trump more accurately than grotesque. Whether the subject at hand is his appearance, his treatment of women, the food that he eats, or the way he governs this country, he is a monstrosity whose spite is only matched by his vanity.

That vanity was put on full display on Saturday morning in ridiculous fashion when the President of the United States took to Twitter to claim that a viral photo of his showing glaring spray-tan lines was “photoshopped” — but couldn’t help himself from proclaiming that the “hair looks good!”

The image was first shared Friday night by a Twitter account that appears to belong to the photographer William Moon, a Trump enthusiast who, according to Vox,  “attends White House open press events.” The image, which Moon says was not Photoshopped, quickly went viral as people ruthlessly mocked Trump’s thick spray-on tan.

While the viral version of the image used iPhone filters to increase the contrast and highlight the spray lines, it’s still pretty clear in the untouched version — and just as gross.

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The president’s desperate and truly pathetic attempt to burnish his ego was obviously met with a fresh wave of brutal trolling:

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