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Trump Jr. gloats over Vindman firing, thanks Schiff for “unearthing those who need to be fired”

Trump Jr. gloats over Vindman firing, thanks Schiff for “unearthing those who need to be fired”

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On Friday night, all pretense and deflection from the Trump administration about yesterday’s mini-purge of impeachment trial witnesses were thrown out the window by the President’s son, Don Jr.

While the White House’s defenders have tried to pass off the firing of Lt. Colonel Vindman, his twin, and EU ambassador Gordon Sondland as part of a “planned restructure” of the State Department, the astonishingly tactless and clumsy Donald Trump Jr. made it clear that the firing of the president’s enemies was an act of political retaliation in a taunting tweet to House Intelligence chair Rep. Adam Schiff.

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Snarkily thanking Schiff for “his crack investigation skills,” Don Jr. framed the entire impeachment trial and the mountain of evidence that Schiff meticulously assembled against President Trump as nothing but an elaborate way to expose his father’s enemies.

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While he’s not entirely wrong — after all, Gordon Sondland is a hotelier who bought his ambassadorship with a $1 million donation to the Trump inaugural fund and absolutely needed to be fired — the glee with which he celebrates the politically motivated retaliation against a war hero like Vindman for doing the right thing and exposing the president’s misdeeds is absolutely revolting.

While it was inevitable that the acquittal of Donald Trump would open the door to a whole new era of flagrant corruption and authoritarian behavior from a supremely confident Trump, to see his son take the mask off and celebrate the punishment of his father’s political enemies is dragging our country one more step down the road to banana republic.

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