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Lindsey Graham outlines scheme to use Justice Department to investigate Trump’s enemies

Lindsey Graham outlines scheme to use Justice Department to investigate Trump’s enemies

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One of Donald Trump’s most sycophantic supporters, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), hit the Sunday morning talk shows and provided insight into the president’s plans to leverage the powers of the Justice Department to wage a retaliatory campaign of revenge on those responsible for seeking accountability for the proven crimes that Trump’s Republican cronies corruptly acquitted him of earlier this week.

Appearing on CBS‘s Face the Nation, Graham confirmed that the president’s complicit Attorney General William Barr and his maniacal personal Attorney Rudy Giuliani would play important roles in executing the rampage of vengeance that Trump is now seeking after he was given a free pass to violate any laws he wants to in the future through the cowardly refusal of fearful GOP senators to punish his blatantly illegal actions.

Graham explained the mechanism by which the retribution against those who haven’t already faced the consequences of their truth-telling — like the now-fired National Security Council aide Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland — would take place.

The Senator related that the Department of Justice is already “receiving information coming out of the Ukraine, from Rudy,” raising the prospects of Russian-influenced, corrupt Ukrainian oligarch-originated disinformation and conspiracy theories actually being taken seriously by the U.S. government after being delivered by a source on the payroll of both the American president and the foreign billionaires.

Senator Graham claims that Attorney General Barr has “created a process that Rudy could give information and they would see if it’s verified” by the Justice Department.

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Graham’s admission confirms what the incomplete transcript of Trump’s supposedly “perfect” phone call with Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky already suggested — that Barr and Giuliani were the main points of contact in the Ukraine extortion scheme that only failed to end Trump’s presidency due to the obstruction of Congressional investigations, the illegal refusal to honor witness subpoenas, and the withholding of documents.

Add your name to tell the ABA: Disbar William Barr for abusing the Justice Department to abet Trump’s corruption!

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The authoritarian purges and decimation of the president’s political enemies — that are now predicted through the misuse of a federal justice system completely at Trump’s beck and call and no longer bound by the rule of law — was augured by Graham’s hypocritical failure to remember just who started the legacy of relentless investigations of political enemies by an opposition party in control of the House of Representatives as another statement he made indicates.

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“We’re not going to live in a world where as a Republican you get investigated from the day you’re sworn in, three years later they’re still coming after you,” said Graham, apparently reserving that fate for Democrats as he ignored the Whitewater, Benghazi, and Hillary Clinton email server “investigations” his own party refused to drop despite the actual cooperation of the accused parties.

Graham was equally hypocritical in an interview with Maria Bartiromo of Fox News.

“Here’s what amazes me. The Russian investigation, what happened? Half the people behind the Russia investigation are going to go to jail,” the Republican told Bartiromo. “And Trump was cleared.”

The senator conveniently forgets the six Trump associates who either pleaded guilty or were convicted as a result of the Mueller investigations, including the president’s own personal lawyer Michale Cohen, his campaign manager Paul Manafort, and his first National Security Advisor Michael Flynn as he falsely equates Trump’s acquittal by the subservient senate with exoneration of the crimes he clearly committed.

With all danger of accountability trounced by the senate vote, we can expect the pardons for his convicted cohorts to come flying down the pike shortly as the president continues to pretend that he did nothing wrong and is the true victim of an unwarranted persecution.

Trump’s lust for revenge will hopefully be his undoing if one lends any credence to the old adage that pride comes before the fall. Until then, he can rely on allies like Graham to continue to spread his lies to his gullible base.

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Original reporting by Mark Sumner at Daily Kos and Alternet.

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