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Sunday Morning tweet roundup: despite acquittal, Trump furiously seeks vengeance on social media

Sunday Morning tweet roundup: despite acquittal, Trump furiously seeks vengeance on social media

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While searching for any possible silver lining in the bogus acquittal of Donald Trump by the cowardly and constitutionally bereft Republican Senate, one may have hoped that the temporary elimination of the immediate threat of removal from office would have reduced the number of desperate social media posts proclaiming “Fake News,” Witch Hunt,” and “Impeachment Hoax” sent by the tiny thumbs of the president.

As Trump’s post-acquittal rampage of vengeance demonstrates, however, there will be no respite from the onslaught of Twitter-posted presidential propaganda.

In fact, the volume of posts seems if anything to have actually increased this morning, with Trump having tweeted or retweeted over 45 times just in the few hours prior to the writing of this article alone.

His first order of business was to post a link to a post-Iowa caucus poll showing him leading every major Democratic presidential candidate in head to head matchups in that state.

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What Trump fails to point out is that his predicted lead over every potential Democratic opponent has him leading by a margin significantly less than the nearly 10 points by which he defeated Hilliary Clinton in the conservative Midwestern state in 2016.

Add your name to tell the ABA: Disbar William Barr for abusing the Justice Department to abet Trump’s corruption!

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Trump then bragged about his own record victory in the GOP caucuses — which the state apparently also held, but which escaped press scrutiny since the results were as forgone as his impeachment acquittal by the Republican-controlled Senate – by retweeting a post he made previously, a tactic that allows him to hammer his lies home through repetition without all the extra work of coming up with something new to say.

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Trump’s fear-mongering portrayal of Democrats as “Radical Socialists” presages his campaign strategy where he will try to leverage the Cold War-era fears of communism into an attack on the socialism of his opponents while hoping that the public doesn’t realize that the ideology he is demonizing is responsible for their Social Security, Medicare, police and fire departments, public schools, and the five-day workweek.

Continuing his vindictive rage against his Democratic prosecutors, Trump retweeted a few more attacks against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and taunted the Dems for their Iowa caucus results tallying fiasco.

How Trump would recognize honesty and truth, concepts that he has had no experience in dealing with during his entire life to date remains unstated by the president documented as the most dishonest in history.

He also decided to take a hit against the leadership in his former home state of New York, one of the jurisdictions where he still faces the most legal peril as the scene of some of his most egregious alleged financial crimes, tax fraud, and sexual assaults.

Having exhausted his supply of original insults, Trump then moved on to a spree of retweets from members of his administration, campaign staff, and GOP luminaries all either singing his praises or denouncing his enemies in a hail of hogwash that demonstrates just how hard he has to spin reality to try to shed the stench of impeachment and unaccounted guilt that continues to linger around his sullied office.

Perhaps the most disturbing retweet that the president posted this morning was the Time Magazine cover that imagines the nightmare of a Trump regime that ignores the constitutional prohibition on a president serving more than two terms and posits a term in the White House beyond the normal lifespan that someone of Trump’s age, diet, and physical condition could rationally expect, portending a Trump dynasty passed on to his children, as any newly crowned king might imagine.

While it may not get old for Trump to imagine this scenario, for the majority of Americans who still believe in democracy, the very thought of the end of our system of government envisioned by this flight of fancy engenders paroxysms of anxiety that age extremely rapidly.

The rest of Trump’s Sunday morning  Twitter output was in a similar vein, with attacks on the only Republican to vote for his removal from office, Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT), and the one Democrat he had thought might break ranks and vote for acquittal, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) peppered in the spray.

The one new trend to emerge in Trump’s tweets this morning, however, is his decision to begin retweeting the posts of random Trump fans he likely finds in the comments sections of his own tweets, with “Karen,” “Soulkin,” and “Dana Schoonover” suddenly elevated to the level of presidentially-quoted pundits due to their partisanly positive posts supporting the president.

It’s just another gimmick that Trump has borrowed from reality TV as the game show president throws crumbs to his fans by offering them their 15 minutes in the limelight and building their loyalty. Unfortunately, with the only prize available being another four years of Trump in the White House, it’s obvious that these misguided participants in Trump’s version of Let’s Make A Deal should have chosen what’s behind door number two instead.

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