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Trump bizarrely attacks a political pundit for predicting his reelection in afternoon tweetstorm

Trump bizarrely attacks a political pundit for predicting his reelection in afternoon tweetstorm

Despite the massive costs paid by U.S. taxpayers directly into the president’s personal coffers for security every time that Donald Trump goes chasing balls around with a stick, the increased number of tweets that the president sends in lieu of those old fashioned official government press releases almost makes the obscene expenditures seem worthwhile on those days when the president decides to forgo his golfing jones.

After a morning flood of furious posting, Trump paused for what seemed like a glorious respite until he resumed his fusillade of falsehoods, fractured phonics, and phony fomenting.

His first tweet back as he returned to the social media fray was a head-scratcher as the president appeared to attack a political pundit for predicting that he would indeed win reelection.

Perhaps the blood rushed from Trump’s brain to his stomach after lunch, leaving him ill-prepared to respond to tweets that actually seemed to be defending him. Otherwise. personal animosity is the only explanation for the attacks the president aimed at Larry Sabato, the director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics.

Trump was back on more familiar territory with his next missive, a prediction of defeat for Senator Doug Jones, (D-AL), who improbably won the Senate race in the deep-red state after the GOP ran an accused pedophile, Judge Roy Moore, in the race for the open seat. Having voted to convict the president in his impeachment trial, Jones — who risked his political career and Senate seat in a vote of conscience — is now firmly entrenched on Trump’s political hit list of enemies to be brought down.

Trump likely helped boost the Senator’s fund-raising efforts in his attempt to hold onto the seat that he won in an off-cycle election after the former holder of the seat, Jeff Sessions, abandoned it for his ill-fated stint as Trump’s Attorney General. With Sessions trying to reclaim his old Senate seat, it will be interesting to see whom the president decides he hates more, the Democrat who voted to remove him from office or the Attorney General who followed the law and recused himself from weighing in on the investigation of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.

Add your name to tell the ABA: Disbar William Barr for abusing the Justice Department to abet Trump’s corruption!

Trump may have been thinking about that very conundrum when he was reminded of the origins of the multiple investigations of his criminality and decided to go on a rant against FBI Director Christopher Wray, who earlier in the week caved into the president’s demands and declared that the FBI investigation of Trump aide Carter Page may have indeed been improperly initiated.

While Trump’s all-caps accusations are exactly the same excuses he’s been trying to distract the public from the actual substance of the FBI’s findings with since the investigation started — despite the subsequent convictions and guilty pleas by numerous Trump associates — the attack on Wray after he finally told the president what he wanted to hear proves that Wray should have better studied history and learned from the results of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s attempts to appease Hitler before the start of World War II.

After giving Hitler what he wanted at the 1938 Munich Conference, Chamberlin returned to the UK claiming he had achieved “peace in our time,” only to have Hitler invade Czechoslovakia and Poland shortly thereafter.

Wray’s submission to Trump on the propriety of the investigation of his campaign has only emboldened the president to act even more outside the boundaries of acceptable and lawful behavior in his jihad of vengeance against his investigators and prosecutors.

After that last outburst, Trump had nothing substantial left to say for the afternoon, with only two Tourette’s-like posts of his hollow and unfulfilled campaign slogans remaining in his daily proclamations.

Ironically, Trump could fulfill both of those promises practically instantaneously by simply resigning.

Given the unlikeliness of that occurrence, we must instead fight with all of our might to defeat him at the polls in November while returning the Senate to Democratic control before America will see Donald Trump get the justice he truly deserves.

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