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Sullen Trump tears into “disgrace” Mitt Romney in Oval Office tirade

Sullen Trump tears into “disgrace” Mitt Romney in Oval Office tirade

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The Republican Party, in perhaps the most shameful act of partisan cowardice in modern politics, voted almost unanimously to acquit President Trump on his impeachment charges despite the overwhelming evidence that he tried to leverage military aid to Ukraine to force the Eastern European country to open a sham investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter ahead of the 2020 election.

Only Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) had the courage to stand up against our corrupt president and vote to remove him from office. Immediately, Romney became the target of furious attacks from all of Trump’s most obsequious surrogates, including his barely-sentient son. Trump’s orange-fisted grip on the GOP is so tight now that anyone who dares challenge him is branded a traitor to the party. It’s an authoritarian organization to its core.

Today, President Trump himself lashed out at the former Republican presidential nominee once again. While speaking in the Oval Office today, he repeatedly referred to the senator from Utah as a “disgrace” for voting against him in the impeachment trial. It was as unconvincing a smear as we’ve seen from the infamously vulgar and dishonest Trump and offers something of a glimpse into his disturbed psyche.

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He should be aglow over the fact that he managed to wriggle out of impeachment by corraling his craven party into supporting him. Instead, he’s still stewing about Romney’s dissent because he knows it shows what a complete farce the entire trial was. If Romney, a diehard conservative, recognizes that Trump deserves to have his presidency terminated then it becomes much harder to argue that the entire process was some kind of Democratic Party hoax.

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Romney’s courage also highlights the spinelessness demonstrated by every other Republican senator and makes it so that Democrats can genuinely claim that there was bipartisan agreement on removing Trump. Unfortunately for our staggeringly crooked president, there’s nothing he can do about these facts and that stark reality has clearly burrowed deep beneath his legendarily thin-skin.

The history books will have a lot to say about Romney and his career—much of it less than stellar as it pertains to policy—but one thing they will not say is that he was a “disgrace” in any sense of the word when it came to supporting the right and just impeachment of President Donald J. Trump, the most shameful creature to ever slither into the Oval Office.

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