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Ex-wrestler reveals that Trump crony Jim Jordan begged him to help cover up sex abuse scandal

Ex-wrestler reveals that Trump crony Jim Jordan begged him to help cover up sex abuse scandal

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In a Republican Party infested with cowards, cynics, and psychos, Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) stands apart as a very specific breed of monster and in this specificity perfectly exemplifies the kind of fundamentally broken creature that rises to power within the GOP.

Once upon a time, Jordan was not yet one of Donald Trump’s most loyal henchman and instead worked as an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State University. According to numerous sources, including a lawsuit from a referee, Jordan turned a blind eye to the staggering sexual abuses carried out on athletes by the team’s physician, Richard Strauss. An investigation carried out by the university eventually concluded that Strauss, who later killed himself, molested at least 177 students over roughly two decades. 350 individuals claim to have been victimized to date.

By all appearances, it seems that Jordan chose to protect his job rather than the innocent victims and was able to eventually coast his way into a successful political career. While Jordan has denied that he knew about the rampant sexual criminality, the regular mendacity which he displays on Capitol Hill and during Fox News appearances indicates that he is a man with an adversarial relationship with the truth.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer now reports that Adam DiSabato, who was a wrestler at Ohio State, spoke yesterday before the Ohio House Civil Justice Committee during a hearing over whether or not Strauss’s victims will be allowed to finally sue the university. DiSabato said that Jordan and other coaches were aware of Strauss’s vile predations and failed to do anything to stop him.

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Worse still, DiSabato claimed that Jordan reached out to him in 2018 and entreated him to contradict his brother Michael DiSabato’s public claim that Jordan knew about the molestations.

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“Jim Jordan called me crying, groveling… begging me to go against my brother. That’s the kind of coverup that’s going on there,” testified Adam DiSabato. He went on to forcefully push the committee to support the bill and allow the victims to sue. “Are you guys going to do what you’re voted to do? That’s the only reason I’m here,” he said.

True to oleaginous form, Jordan has repudiated DiSabato’s testimony through his spokesman, calling it “another lie” and once again insisting that Jordan “never saw or heard of any abuse” and that he would have certainly “dealt with it” if he had.

One would be a fool to believe a man like Jim Jordan and the good people of Ohio have a moral duty to vote him out of office.. Clearly, the habit of ignoring abuse is something that he later brought to Washington D.C. under the Trump administration.

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