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Trump claims Melania said it was “horrible” to see Pelosi’s “hatred” and “venom” for him

Trump claims Melania said it was “horrible” to see Pelosi’s “hatred” and “venom” for him

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Despite the fact that the Republican-controlled Senate ultimately ended up acquiting President Trump in a craven show of partisan lawlessness, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) handled the entire process masterfully, doing the best job possible with an imperfect situation.

The American people were exposed to the president’s crimes and presented with incontrovertible evidence that their commander-in-chief is a deeply corrupt man who won’t hesitate to use the vast powers of the Oval Office to target political opponents and undermine elections.

Less importantly but perhaps more enjoyably, the impeachment infuriated our thin-skinned would-be potentate. Donald J. Trump is now one of only three presidents in American history to be impeached by the House of Representatives. This is a stain which, much like his tawdry orange spray tan, will never wash out and it’s clear he can’t help but obsess over that fact.

During a radio interview with Geraldo Rivero today, Trump whined about Pelosi and the impeachment. Without a trace of irony, the man who smears, jeers, and insults the appearances of his political opponents on a daily basis decried Pelosi’s statement that he is “impeached for life” because she was radiating “hatred” with “venom coming out of her ears.”

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Yes, this is Donald Trump complaining about hatred, the man whose entire White House bid was predicated on stoking racial hatreds and xenophobic resentments. The white-hot core of the MAGA movement, the molten engine that keeps it chugging along even as its figurehead demonstrates time and again his singular unfitness for office, is pure hatred. Hatred of minorities, hatred of foreigners, hatred of anyone who dares to criticize the incompetent monster currently crouched within the Oval Office. The simple truth is that Trump has no problem with hatred as long as it’s directed at his enemies.

For reference, here’s the clip Trump is presumably talking about. Pelosi comes across as neither vindictive or hateful in it. As usual, she was levelheaded and professional.

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Laughably, Trump also claimed that First Lady Melania saw Pelosi’s remarks and was shocked by her demeanor.

“My wife was sitting there and watched it and she said, ‘Oh my, that was horrible,’ Trump claimed.

Since this president is a serial liar it’s impossible to know if Melania really said what he alleges. The two of them are known for having what can be generously described as an icy relationship, so it’s difficult to imagine her deciding to soothe his ego and slam his political enemy. It becomes even more difficult to believe when one watches the Pelosi clip because the Speaker’s incredibly tame comments are far from what any rational person would call “horrible.”

If Melania truly does think Pelosi’s words were “horrible” she should try listening to one of her husband’s campaign speeches. Venom drips from his mouth every time he opens it.

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