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Trump claims border wall will be hard to climb because “There aren’t too many hoses in the area”

Trump claims border wall will be hard to climb because “There aren’t too many hoses in the area”

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Now that election season has begun again, the president is dusting off his old campaign tools, all of which ultimately amount to slightly different shades of racism and xenophobia. His idiotic and wasteful border wall has once again cycled into his talking points, despite the fact that he has failed to deliver more than a paltry stretch of ineffective barriers. Not surprisingly and contrary to his consistent assurances, Mexico is not paying for the “wall.”

The saga of the wall offers perhaps the clearest distillation of the nightmarish fantasy world that Trump supporters live in. They’ve been convinced that we need to erect a medieval structure to keep out what they imagine are hordes of rapists and drug smugglers, and now they’re being convinced that Trump has actually delivered on the wall. It’s a twisted kaleidoscope of delusions and one which the president is sure to add new unhinged facets to as November draws closer.

Earlier today, Trump took his border wall rhetoric to a strange new place. CNN’s Daniel Dale reports that Trump spoke to members of the National Border Patrol Council and showcased select photos of his only partially constructed wall.

At one point he claimed that painting the barriers black will prevent migrants from crossing because they become “virtually untouchable” once they absorb sunlight and heat up. It should go without saying that MAGA maniacs will be salivating over the image of Hispanic women and children burning their hands on hot steel while trying to reach a better life.

Then, as he often does, Trump let his mind wander and depicted an almost cartoonish version of border crossings by saying that undocumented migrants would need to “bring a hose with lots of water to water it down.” Unfortunately for them, Trump explained, “There aren’t too many hoses in the area.”

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Of course, migrants don’t need hoses to best his pointless wall. Shovels to dig tunnels or basic ladders will do the job just fine, as those with a better-than-infantile understanding of the issue have been pointing out since the beginning.

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