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Stephen Miller’s uncle beautifully trolls him with “wedding gift” to refugee group

Stephen Miller’s uncle beautifully trolls him with “wedding gift” to refugee group

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Stephen Miller, the immigration-hating senior presidential advisor with despicable white nationalist views, got married over the weekend to Katie Waldman, the press secretary for Vice President Mike Pence at the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC, and at least one of his relatives managed to come up with the appropriate gift for the man who engineered the Trump administration’s family separation policy that outrageously put refugee children in chain-link cages.

David Glosser, a retired neuropsychologist who is Miller’s maternal uncle, posted an announcement about his wedding present to his nephew and his new bride on Facebook, a post that linked to the mock wedding registry, a satirical website created by political comedian Samantha Bee.

Glosser’s choice of gifts showcased Miller’s hypocrisy in promoting immigration policies that target vulnerable refugees and reminded his nephew of the family legacy that allowed him to be living in this country himself.

While Miller will likely be offended by the donation made in his name to an organization that represents everything that he is opposed to — as demonstrated by his draconian efforts to halt further immigration to America’s shores — Glosser’s gift to HIAS — a Jewish American nonprofit organization that provides humanitarian aid and assistance to refugees — has already inspired numerous other more empathetic Americans to make similar donations.

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Glosser told HuffPost that he was “not at all surprised” by the Southern Poverty Law Center report that came out in November revealing that Miller emailed white supremacist talking points to right-wing media outlets in order to convince them to run anti-immigrant stories and editorials.

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“The advancement of policies which legitimize the use of racial, religious hatred and fear is a danger to everybody in our country,” Glosser said in HuffPost eariler today. “The Trump administration pushing hatred in pursuit of political power is the kind of moral rot exploited by authoritarian regimes,” he accurately noted.

As someone who has spoken out against his nephew’s heinous and hypocritical immigration views multiple times in the past, most notably in a viral Politico op-ed, it’s no surprise to learn that Glosser was not on the invite list to Miller’s lavish nuptials, which was attended by Donald and Melania Trump and numerous administration officials.

Glosser said that he last spoke to his nephew five years ago and only speaks to his sister, Miller’s mother, regarding the care of their aged mother.

“But it’s ‘a big family,’ Glosser said, adding that many of his relatives support his decision to speak out against his nephew,” according to HuffPost.

A big family that might not even exist if they were prevented from seeking refuge in the United States by policies such as Miller is currently implementing.

Therein lies the hypocrisy that makes Glosser’s wedding gift to the newly wedded couple so perfectly emblematic of the type of love that marriage is meant to celebrate.

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Original reporting by Hayley Miller at Huffpost.

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