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Trump goes ballistic at Fox News after guest describes his debates as “disastrous” and “cringeworthy”

Trump goes ballistic at Fox News after guest describes his debates as “disastrous” and “cringeworthy”

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Donald Trump’s deeply insecure ego came roaring back onto Twitter today as he sat watching Fox News.

The president lashed out at his preferred propaganda network and demanded that someone “explain” to RealClearPolitics’s A.B. Stoddard (who Trump insisted has “zero talent!”) and Fox anchor Neil Cavuto that he “won every one” of his debates against his Republican primary opponents and later against Hillary Clinton, despite the bevy of polls indicating the opposite.

The president insisted that it was the debates that got him elected, ignoring the fact that every single time he stepped on stage he came across as both incoherent and deeply creepy. Trump managed to win the presidency in spite of his pitiful debate showings, not because of them.

Reaching into his inexhaustibly deep Mary Poppins-like bag of conspiracy theories, Trump floated the idea that it was actually former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan—who now holds a cushy board position at Fox—behind the unflattering Stoddard and Cavuto segment. Such a claim is as nonsensical as it is without evidence. The idea that Paul Ryan is micromanaging the back and forth between guests and anchors in order to irritate the president is one that could only emerge from a mind as paranoid as Trump’s.

The clip in question shows Stoddard accurately referring to Trump’s debate performances as “disastrous” and his answers “cringeworthy.” She was making a point about the effect of debates on elections in the wake of Michael Bloomberg’s jaw-droppingly poor performance at the Democratic debates last night.

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For someone as pathologically incapable of self-reflection or honesty as Donald Trump, the suggestion that he tendered anything short of the greatest debate performances in history was simply too much.

Trump’s pathetic tweet proves once again that this man is so incredibly thin-skinned, so utterly desperate for praise that he will lose his cool over even the slightest criticism. This is not the temperament of a man who should be entrusted with guiding the most powerful nation in the world. The American people must vote him out in November so that he can retire to his hideously gaudy penthouse, glue himself to the television, and tweet to his shriveled little heart’s content.

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