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Trump claims that if a ship like the Titanic went down the news would ignore it unless he was aboard

Trump claims that if a ship like the Titanic went down the news would ignore it unless he was aboard

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Donald Trump is back in full-swing campaign mode, once again ratcheting our national nightmare up to a ten as his ghastly visage dominates the news stations more and more frequently.

Ahead of the Democratic Nevada caucuses next week he’s flown down to Las Vegas to give one of his freewheeling, reliably incoherent rallies. Trump himself will not have to compete in a Republican primary in the state since the GOP canceled the Nevada caucus in order to box out Trump’s challengers, who stood little chance of getting the nomination over the incumbent in the first place. The decision is a testament to the iron-fisted grip the president has on his party but also to what a cowardly little man he is. He’s afraid to compete because he’s afraid to defend his record.

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Instead, he gets to do what he loves most: ramble in front of his unhinged, adoring fans and not surprisingly the Vegas rally included some of his greatest hits. He spent an extended period slamming the media during and he did a weird bit about CNN turning their cameras off as he started to badmouth him while also claiming that CNN’s cameramen support him.

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During another stretch, Trump bragged about defeating ISIS (which still exists) and then claimed that the U.S. military “kept the oil” in Syria, which is the kind of ignorant, pseudo-macho statement that plays well with Trump’s meathead MAGA base but which irreparably damages our international representation, serves as a source of recruiting propaganda for terrorists, and makes America out to be nothing more than a cold, mercenary entity. It’s a complete betrayal of everything this country stands for.

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Inevitably, Trump spent a good deal of time stroking his own ego. He insisted that major newspapers and news outlets need him to keep turning a profit and then made an incredibly morbid, incredibly self-centered statement.

“If an aeroplane goes down with seven hundred people they don’t cover it. If it’s not Trump-related they don’t cover it. It’s gotta be Trump or Trump-related. So if a plane goes down and it’s total devastation, if a ship goes down, if the Titanic, if the Titanic equivalent went down they wouldn’t cover it unless I was on the sucker. They wouldn’t cover it! The fake news would not cover the equivalent of the Titanic,” he said, giving one of his most egomaniacal statements to date.

At several points in the rally, Trump’s performance notably dipped. He slurred, forgot where he was, and repeatedly misspoke, reigniting speculation that he is suffering from cognitive decline.

Check out some of the disturbing highlights curated by Vox’s Aaron Rupar and as the insanity of it all washes over you, resolve to vote Democrat in November and make sure everyone you know does the same. Let’s kick this odious man out of the White House so we never have to listen to his confused, hateful rhetoric ever again.

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