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Trump’s petty feud with Fox News explodes into its second day with outburst about “very bad ratings”

Trump’s petty feud with Fox News explodes into its second day with outburst about “very bad ratings”

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Nobody nurses a grudge like Donald J. Trump. Yesterday, the president had something of a meltdown during his daily “executive time” after seeing RealClearPolitics’s A.B. Stoddard describe his 2016 debate performances as “disastrous” and his answers as “cringeworthy.”

He lashed out on Twitter at both Stoddard and Fox anchor Neil Cavuto and petulantly insisted that he won “every one” of his debates and that Stoddard has no talent. Bizarrely, Trump also implied that it was former Speaker of the House Ryan who,  now sitting on the Fox board, masterminded Stoddard’s comments.

The tweet alone wasn’t enough to satiate Trump’s attitude for petty feuds so last night he brought up the Fox segment again at his campaign rally in Colorado Springs. It was a truly pathetic performance and another unvarnished look at his bizarre, twisted soul. The most powerful man in the world could not stop obsessing over some incredibly tame, factually accurate remarks he heard on television. If his skin were any thinner it would be translucent.

Apparently, a good night’s sleep did nothing to dispel the gnawing voices of insecurity in his head, because Trump has now rolled his utterly inane fixation into a second day. He took to Twitter to slam Cavuto’s “very bad ratings” and condemn his “Fake guests like A.B. Stoddard.” What exactly constitutes a “Fake guest” is unclear, but presumably it’s anyone who says something factual that’s unflattering to Trump.

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The president also got in a shot at Shep Smith, one of the few remaining Fox hosts who has managed to criticize the administration from time to time by resisting the urge to go full MAGA apologist the way just about everybody else at the network already has.

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The message to Fox is clear: Trump will not tolerate any kind of dissent from his pet propaganda network. The message to the American people is even more clear: this man has the emotional and mental maturity of a child and must be removed from the White House immediately. Outbursts like this humiliate our country.

And check out the clip that started it all.

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