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Clint Eastwood disses Trump and expresses support for one of his potential Democratic opponents

Clint Eastwood disses Trump and expresses support for one of his potential Democratic opponents

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Does Donald Trump feel lucky?

As he prepares for a tough race for reelection in the face of a rescue from his rightful removal from office by a complicit Republican-controlled Senate willing to ignore and suppress evidence that he was guilty of the impeachment charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, he’s going to have to feel lucky knowing that he’s lost the support of Dirty Harry himself, the man who famously spoke to an empty chair at the 2012 Republican National Convention while endorsing then-candidate Mitt Romney, Hollywood actor/director Clint Eastwood.

Eastwood, whose own foray into Republican politics also included a stint as mayor of Carmel, California, told the conservative-leaning Wall Street Journal that the country has had more than enough of Donald Trump at its helm.

In an interview with the newspaper’s reporter Tunku Varadarajan, the 89-year-old celebrity spoke about having met Trump years ago and about the political mood in the country after three years of this president’s regime.

“As for the domestic political scene, Mr. Eastwood seems disheartened,” Varadarajan describes the multi-talented cinema star’s reaction.

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While on the policy side, Eastwood says that he agrees with “certain things that Trump’s done” without specifying what exactly those things are, he’s unhappy with the disastrous decline in political civility under this crude and malicious presidency.

“The politics has gotten so ornery,” Eastwood told the Wall Street Journal disapprovingly. He wishes the president would act “in a more genteel way, without tweeting and calling people names. I would personally like for him to not bring himself to that level.”

In Eastwood’s telling, he encountered evidence of Trump’s divisiveness years earlier when he was introduced to him by disgraced billionaire casino mogul Steve Wynn.

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“I was in Las Vegas. Steve called me up in the room and said, ‘Do you want to go play golf? We’re going out with Trump.’ I said, ‘Who?’ and Steve said, ‘Trump. You know Trump?’”

“So Messrs. Eastwood and Wynn ventured out for a morning on the course with Donald Trump. ‘It was funny,’ Mr. Eastwood says, ‘because every time I was together with Steve’—with the future president out of earshot—’he would say, “You know, Trump is doing those damn casinos. He’s going to lose his ass.”’ And when Mr. Wynn couldn’t hear, ‘Trump would say, ‘You know, Steve is going to do this big hotel. He’s going to land right on his ass. There are too many hotels now,’” Varadarajan writes.

“Back and forth the dissing went for hours, Mr. Eastwood recalls: ‘Together, they were great friends, but separately they were giving each other a hard time. I don’t know how much tongue-in-cheek was in all of that, but it was very amusing for me, the lone guy,’” the anecdote concludes.

With Eastwood’s rejection of another term for Trump and the lack of a suitably viable Republican candidate to challenge him for the party’s nomination, he is now expressing his support for another former Republican mayor to become president as Michael Bloomberg seeks to use his billions to become a competitive force in the race for the Democratic nomination for president.

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“The best thing we could do is just get Mike Bloomberg in there,” Eastwood opines at the end of his Wall Street Journal interview.

Whether the libertarian-leaning Hollywood Republican’s endorsement of the former New York City mayor will carry much weight with progressive-oriented Democratic voters remains to be seen, but hopefully, his vocal denunciation of the Trump regime will give some Republican voters pause before they cast their next ballots in November, no matter who the Democrats pick as their nominee.

If that happens, then we’ll all feel lucky.

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Original reporting by Tunku Varadarajan at The Wall Street Journal.

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