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Trump goes Bollywood, retweeting bizarre video mashup of himself as an Indian action hero

Trump goes Bollywood, retweeting bizarre video mashup of himself as an Indian action hero

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Ahead of a planned trip to India to meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a leader with similar anti-Muslim sentiments to his own proven views, Donald Trump retweeted a bizarre video mashup featuring his own face superimposed over the face of the hero of a Bollywood historical action flick.

Captioned with Trump’s comment “Look so forward to being with my great friends in INDIA!”, the video features our decidedly non-athletic president as a sword-wielding warrior vanquishing foes left and right on a crowded and violent battlefield, riding an elephant, and plucking flowers while leaning precariously from a galloping steed in scenes that he is hardly likely to encounter while visiting his great friends on the subcontinent.

The video, created by a right-wing meme-maker, also manages to fit in superimposed cameos by Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Donald Trump Jr., as well as Prime Minister Modi and, presumably, his estranged wife Jashodaben.

In the self-described “warped mind” of the creator of the viral video, Trump’s superhuman strength allows him to carry both Don Jr. and Ivanka on his shoulders as he pushes his way through throngs of adoring crowds on his way to meet Modi.

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While Trump’s upcoming trip to India is largely seen by political analysts as a transparent attempt to court the vote of Indian Americans for his reelection bid, the nod of approval for the Bollywood mashup stands in stark contrast to his criticism of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences when they awarded the best picture Oscar to a foreign film, the South Korean-produced Parasite, recently.

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Just yesterday at a rally in Las Vegas, the president went on a jingoistic rant about his displeasure over the Academy’s decision.

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“This year we had a movie, they said ‘best movie’ — they announced the movie from South Korea. I said what’s that all about?” Trump told the crowd at his rally.

“Look, I get along great with South Korea,” Trump added, “but I’ve never seen that movie before. They used to call it ‘best foreign movie.’ Now we do it that way.”

“I don’t get it,” he said. “But that’s what it used to be. And this is really an incredible time, I’ll tell you what, for our country. That’s why I like to see things that we do get honored.”

With a score consisting of a Bollywood ditty sung entirely in Hindi, the video clip that Trump retweeted proves that he really doesn’t care what language is used in a film as long as he’s portrayed as the conquering hero.

If only he was as honest about his own “warped mind” as the originator of the video mashup seems to be. For it is only in a cinematic fantasy land that Donald Trump could be seen as a conquering hero.

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