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Ivanka incites Twitter backlash for tagging along on Trump’s India visit

Ivanka incites Twitter backlash for tagging along on Trump’s India visit

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President Trump is on his first state visit to India right now and First Daughter Ivanka Trump is accompanying him, once again siphoning tax dollars to indulge in another beautiful trip.

The flagrant nepotism hardly even registers anymore, but it must be pointed out that this is definitely not normal and certainly not okay. Ivanka Trump is completely unqualified to be representing America on the world stage and has revealed herself to be at best a moral coward afraid to stand up to her monstrous father and at worst a monster herself projecting a thin veneer of moderation while lining her pockets and actively enabling her father’s disastrous racist agenda.

One can’t help but worry that she herself hopes to one day pursue political office and given the manner in which her father has completely putrified and subsumed the Republican establishment, it’s not inconceivable that she could launch a successful bid for the party’s presidential nomination when her father finishes his tenure. Regardless of what happens in the upcoming election, the Trumps have entrenched themselves at the heart of American conservatism and they’re here to stay for the foreseeable future.

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With that sobering reality in mind, it’s crucial that patriotic Americans regularly denounce not just the president, but his incompetent and often cruel children. Ivanka should be mocked for trying to masquerade as a diplomat and should be taken seriously as a threat if not seriously as a person. Earlier today, she took to Twitter to share a photograph of herself posing outside of the Taj Mahal, once again rubbing the American peoples’ noses in the fact that she’s off gallivanting around the world on our dime.

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It didn’t take long for a string of brutal tweets to pour in, with users expressing rage, frustration and genuine confusion over Ivanka’s bizarre role in the administration. Hopefully, the First Daughter takes a glance at her account and sees how little so many of us think of her. She deserves neither pity nor sympathy and she must be held accountable for the irreparable damage she is helping inflict on our nation’s reputation.


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