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Twitter explodes in mockery as Trump enters Indian stadium to “Macho Man” song

Twitter explodes in mockery as Trump enters Indian stadium to “Macho Man” song

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Donald Trump is visiting India right now, meaning the United States is once again being subjected to the unique embarrassment that is having this man as our representative on the global stage.

So far, the president has received a warm welcome, an unsurprising development given the fact that President Narendra Modi’s BJP is a far-right, Hindu nationalist party battling criticisms of widespread Islamophobia, meaning it has some uncanny parallels to the GOP under Trump. In a transparent effort to curry favor with the infamously flattery susceptible American president, Modi welcomed him with a massive stadium rally in Ahmedabad.

Trump spoke to the 100,000 or so person crowd and managed to repeatedly bungle the pronunciation of Indian words, an expectable outcome since he often struggles to properly speak English. His speech included his usual rambling rhetoric, boilerplate praise for his hosts, and many in the crowd began to leave before he was even finished speaking. It was exactly the kind of unimpressive performance we’ve come to expect from this man.

Hilariously, when he first entered the arena Macho Man by the Village People blasted out of the speakers at full force. The choice is funny for a lot of reasons, first and foremost because it’s such an on-the-nose distillation of how Trump wants to see himself. His entire fabricated persona is built around the idea of him being a strong, masculine leader unafraid to stand up for the American people.  The reality, of course, is that he is a thin-skinned paper tiger who regularly melts down on Twitter like some particularly petulant teenager. There is nothing tough about this man and on some level the song choice almost feels like not-so-subtle trolling.

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There is an added irony to Donald Trump, a man who chose homophobic religious fanatic Mike Pence as his vice president, entering the rally to a song by The Village People, a musical act specifically aimed at the gay disco crowd. Given Trump’s profound ignorance, it’s entirely possible he’s blithely oblivious to the song’s history.

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Twitter couldn’t hold back as mockery exploded across the platform.

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