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Trump calls Warren a “chocker” and disparages Dem debaters with petty insults

Trump calls Warren a “chocker” and disparages Dem debaters with petty insults

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The latest Democratic primary debate was last night and while the consensus seems to be that it was something of a contentious mess, there is absolutely no denying that every single candidate on that stage would be a vastly superior president to Donald J. Trump. It’s almost comical how much more composed, intelligent, and well-meaning these candidates are than the current occupant of the Oval Office.

Trump himself felt the need to weigh in on the debates and unleashed a barrage of attacks at the candidates via Twitter last night. After describing the even as “crazy” and “chaotic,” two words which coincidentally offer an apt description of his entire administration, he went after Joe Biden, mocking a small moment where the former vice president misspoke while passionately describing the need for better gun regulation to save lives.

It was a gaffe on Biden’s part, but a well-intentioned one and Trump’s decision to focus on it is particularly cowardly given his own refusal to take any kind of meaningful action to stem the tide of gun deaths. What’s more, Trump going after Biden first shows that he’s still afraid to face him in a general election, which is the reason he tried to coerce Ukraine into opening a sham investigation into him and his son, triggering the impeachment process.

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The president called Michael Bloomberg “Mini Mike” again and said he was “weak and unsteady.” He claimed that the Bloomberg ads that played during the commercial breaks “are not supposed to be allowed during a debate,” another hypocritical complaint coming from a man who has been flooding the internet and television with reelection ads.

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Elizabeth Warren was the next candidate to land in the president’s sights. For the umpteenth time, he hit her with the blissfully racist nickname “Pocahontas.” Trump called her “mean” and “undisciplined” which, once again, made it seem for a moment like he was actually just describing himself. He said the other Democrats “don’t know how to handle her,” perhaps implying that he somehow does.

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Hilariously, our ignorant president then said that he knows Warren is a “chocker,” offering up his latest embarrassing typo while presumably struggling to spell “choker.” The man’s mastery of the English language seems to worsen with each passing day and for him to say that Warren—a woman with a vast list of accomplishments that Trump cannot even hope to ever rival—crumbles under pressure is the height of irony.

“Just give me an opponent!” he ended his little outburst. It’s a demand he will soon regret. The Democrats will choose our nominee before long and, come November, whoever it is will finally knock Donald Trump out of that White House he brings disgrace to every second he remains in office. It’s time to take our country back.

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