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Speaker Pelosi shreds Trump for claiming that the debate caused a stock market slide

Speaker Pelosi shreds Trump for claiming that the debate caused a stock market slide

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As the world braces for the spread of the coronavirus, President Trump is already proving himself incapable of or unwilling to guide the United States through what could prove to be a disastrous pandemic.

The Center for Disease Control has told Americans to prepare for the virus to disrupt their daily lives and that it’s a matter of “when” not “if” it spreads through the country. Rather than amplify this message so that people can prepare, Trump grew angry about the announcement because he thinks it might reflect poorly on his administration.

Concerns about the coronavirus have caused the stock market to plummet and Trump is more concerned about the drop (and the negative effect it could have on his reelection) than the disease poised to kill citizens he swore to protect.

During a rambling, contradictory press conference about the virus yesterday Trump astonishingly tried to blame the stock market drop on the Democratic debates. It was pathetic rhetorical flailing on his part and a clear sign that he’s desperate for some kind of scapegoat and has no real options at this point.

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“I think the financial markets are very upset when they look at the Democrat candidates standing on that stage, making fools out of themselves, and they say, ‘If we ever have a president like this …’ And there’s always a possibility, it’s an election you know? Who knows what happens, right? I think we’re gonna win, I think we’re gonna win by a lot. But when they look at the statements made by the people standing behind those podiums, I think that has a huge effect,” said Trump.

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Speaker Pelosi, never one to let Trump’s ludicrous claims go unchallenged, address his claim about the Democratic debates today.

“The president said something so strange that you really have to wonder. He said the reason the market dropped was because of the debate the other night. Well, the market had dropped 1,800 points before the debate the other night. The market dropped while he was speaking yesterday at his press conference. So you know, let’s not be silly about what that is,” Pelosi said, before explaining how the coronavirus caused the drop.

As usual, we see Speaker Pelosi stepping up to the plate to offer the kind of leadership that Trump is habitually and pathologically incapable of displaying. As the coronavirus situations escalates and Trump actively works to make us less safe, we can at least take some solace in the fact that we still have real public servants like Pelosi to help us navigate it.

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