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Wrong again!: Trump misidentifies first coronavirus victim as a woman during White House press conference

Wrong again!: Trump misidentifies first coronavirus victim as a woman during White House press conference

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Donald Trump made a big show of proving that — despite his and other members of his administration’s spending copious amounts of time attending political rallies and  Conservative Political Action Conferences — he was on top of the U.S. response to the coronavirus outbreak that has rapidly spread across the globe and sent stock markets tumbling down.

Even after calling the concern about the pandemic a “hoax” concocted by Democrats to damage him politically at his South Carolina rally last night, the death of the first victim of the virus to succumb to the disease on American soil inspired Trump to call a press conference to concede that the disease was likely to infect more people in our nation while boasting that he and his incredible team had everything under control.

Trump offered his condolences to the family of the first U.S. victim of the pandemic whom he described as a “wonderful woman” who was a “medically high-risk patient” in her late 50s, during his remarks at the press conference.

Unfortunately for his mission of trying to establish the credibility and competence of his administration in their handling of the crisis, the president couldn’t even get the gender of the deceased coronavirus patient correct.

According to The Washington Post, Jeffrey Duchin, the chief health officer for Seattle and King County where the fatality occurred, was forced to later explain that the patient was not in fact a woman,  but a man in his 50s with underlying health conditions.

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If Trump and his squad of science-denying compadres want the American people to trust that they have the ability to manage the growing health crisis and the subsequent economic fallout, one would hope that they could at least exhibit the competence to get their facts straight.

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Perhaps Trump should spend some time in a remedial education program to teach him the basics of biology and observable physical gender differences. Might we suggest locking him in a barn with a cow and a bull so he could learn the differences firsthand in animals before allowing him to see if he can tell the difference in humans?

Or maybe it would be best putting him in a cage the size that his ICE immigration enforcers have placed so many immigrant children into along with a male and female lion (preferably a pair that hasn’t been fed for a while) since the length of their manes might make it easier for him to distinguish between them in a classic gender difference.

No, that would make us as cruel as he himself is. And given his stated proclivity for grabbing women’s genitals, he likely already has some familiarity with the differences between humans of different genders. It’s just that his aged and failing brain is not quite up to the task as it used to be.

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