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“Moron”: George Conway eviscerates Donald Trump with a single tweet

“Moron”: George Conway eviscerates Donald Trump with a single tweet

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With his only discernible hobby these days — outside of golfing — being watching right-wing political commentators on Fox News handicap the 2020 Democratic electoral field, the winner of which will be competing with him for the presidency, Donald Trump has taken to providing his own running commentary on Twitter of the Democratic candidates as a warm-up exercise for when he has to campaign against the eventual nominee.

Today, Trump set his sights on former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg in a typically obnoxious tweet that betrayed his fear at facing a candidate that every Wall Street tycoon with any intelligence would rather see in the White House to oversee the American economy than himself or the current front runner in the delegate count, Bernie Sanders, a Democratic Socialist who has vowed to claw back the enormous wealth that the 1% have extracted on the backs of the working and middle classes since the Reagan era.

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Trump criticizes Bloomberg for one of his many recent campaign ads wherein he claims credit for restoring New York City to its past glory after the city’s decline at the end of the 20th century and gives all the credit for the city’s resurgence to his predecessor, the man who is currently his personal attorney and unconfirmed secret foreign policy agent in charge of Ukrainian dirt-digging, Rudy Guiliani.

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The president’s characterization of Bloomberg as an unpopular and “boring” mayor is easily refuted by the actual billionaire’s electoral record of being elected to three terms in office, initially as a Republican, in a heavily Democratic city.

George Conway, Trump’s most vocal nemesis in the Republican party and the husband of his senior political advisor, Kellyanne Conway, saw Trump’s attack on Bloomberg and could not remain silent.

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His response to the president was succinct in its delivery of the actual facts about Bloomberg’s popularity in his hometown and equally blunt in its assessment of New Yorkers’ own opinions about the Queens-born, “bridge and tunnel” vulgarian whose primary contribution to the city’s culture was the introduction of garish gilded toilets to the realm of acceptable decor among those with more money than taste.

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As any current or former New Yorker can tell you, Conway’s claims about the feelings harbored by the vast majority of natives of the city are spot on, since they have had to deal with Trump’s vain-glorious ego and public tantrums for much longer than the country as a whole as had to. If familiarity breeds contempt, then contempt for Trump has been around in New York City long enough to have spawned several generations of progeny.

As usual, Conway beats Trump at his own game on social media. However, considering their relative intellects, it’s practically unsportsmanlike to allow Trump to go up against someone who so obviously belongs in a much more professional league than himself. Still, seeing someone force Trump to confront his lies with the truth is always gratifying.

For the record, Trump lost the election by a massive percentage in his home city in 2016, eclipsed by Hillary Clinton in every borough but the notoriously conservative Staten Island. What does that tell us about who it is that the people of New York City can’t stand?

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