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Trump insists that it’s perfectly safe for him to hold rallies as coronavirus crisis explodes

Trump insists that it’s perfectly safe for him to hold rallies as coronavirus crisis explodes

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The coronavirus has now infected close to 90,000 people worldwide with no clear sign that the outbreak will be slowing any time soon. The Trump administration is already facing a barrage of criticisms for their handling of the crisis, from the boneheaded decision to appoint Vice President Mike Pence as coronavirus czar despite his failure to adequately handle an HIV outbreak during his time as Governor of Indiana to Trump and his chief of staff downplaying fears over the virus as nothing more than Democratic propaganda. Since day one, it’s been abundantly clear that this White House is singularly incapable of dealing with this situation.

Earlier today, the president was asked if it is “safe or appropriate” for him to continue holding campaign rallies despite the risk of spreading the coronavirus. True to form, Trump decided to engage in some bad faith whataboutism and pointed out that the Democratic candidates competing for their party’s presidential nomination are still holding rallies. Rather than answer the question in a straightforward fashion as a real leader should he chose to once again attack his opponents. The reporter didn’t accept the hollow response and pushed Trump to say whether or not it’s safe.

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“I think it’s very safe, yeah. I think it’s very safe,” Trump said, clearly far more concerned about protecting his reelection campaign and his favorite ego-stroking activity than ensuring the safety of his followers. As always, he is willing to put his personal interests above those of the country.

It should go without saying that going into large crowds as a possible pandemic takes form is less than advisable. Campaign rallies are packed from wall to wall with people, any one of whom could be a carrier of the virus who could then, in turn, spreads the illness to the numerous people they accidentally cough or brush again.  In other words: attending a Trump rally right now is a terrible idea, but then again Trump supporters aren’t exactly known for their decision-making skills.

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