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Trump says “a lot of very exciting things are happening” with the coronavirus

Trump says “a lot of very exciting things are happening” with the coronavirus

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Confidence in the Trump administration’s ability to adequately respond to the coronavirus outbreak continues to crumble.

Close to 90,000 people worldwide have been infected to date and an estimated 3,000 have already died. Rather than delegate the country’s preparation and response duties to someone competent, Trump has appointed Vice President Mike Pench as his coronavirus czar, this despite the fact that Pence proved himself incapable of handling crises like this when an HIV outbreak hit the state of Indiana while he was governor.

As if that weren’t enough to prove we are in stunningly incapable hands, Trump himself has been trying to paint fears about the virus as a hoax propagated by Democrats and the “Fake News” media. By just about every metric we seem to be sleepwalking into disaster.

Earlier today, the president once again addressed the coronavirus and once again did little to allay concerns about his administration’s approach. Speaking in incredibly vague terms that clearly indicate he has no idea what he’s talking about or can’t be bothered to learn details about the deadly outbreak Trump said that “a lot of things are happening, a lot of very exciting things are happening and they’re happening very rapidly.”

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Not only does the complete lack of concrete details reveal that the president is floundering on this issue, his milquetoast assurances reveal his real priority. He’s offering bland platitudes about how things will turn out fine in the end because he is terrified that the virus will negatively affect the stock market again which could, in turn, damage his 2020 chances. As usual, we find Trump valuing his own interests over the safety and welfare of the nation he swore to protect.

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Moments like this perfectly encapsulate the dire consequences of electing a man as fundamentally unfit for office as Donald J. Trump. We chose a complete ignoramus to run our country, it’s little surprise he’s handling things ignorantly. The only way forward is to vote him out in November before he inflicts even more damage.

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