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Trump befuddles reporters by using made-up word “vivor” to describe his administration

Trump befuddles reporters by using made-up word “vivor” to describe his administration

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Democrats head to the polls in many states today to vote in Super Tuesday primaries as we move closer to finally selecting our nominee to take on Donald Trump. Regardless of who emerges victorious, we can rest assured that he or she will make an infinitely superior president to the man currently occupying the Oval Office. Meanwhile, the president is giving us our daily reminder of just how badly he needs to be removed from office.

While giving a speech to the National Association of Counties Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C., Trump bragged about his launching of “the Great American comeback,” which is an awfully funny way of describing the word presidency in American history. This president is responsible for dumbing down our culture, deepening our divisions, and weakening us on the world stage. The only possible comeback that can be discerned from the past few years is the economic one that President Obama laid the foundation for and Trump took credit for.

But the delusional claim wasn’t even the worst part of his comments today. Trump proudly stated that this imaginary comeback was launched with a “vivor,” a word that does not exist in the English language. Perhaps he meant to say vigor or fervor. It’s not the first time he’s made up a nonsensical word, a hardly surprising habit given his well-known aversion to reading. Properly literate our leader is not.

Trump fired America’s pandemic response team. Demand he reassemble it to confront the coronavirus pandemic immediately!

In any case, Trump’s brain—which seems to display more and more cognitive decline with each passing day—appears to have realized his mistake and he awkwardly added that in addition to “vivor” the comeback was launched with “a certain splash that nobody’s seen in a long time.” Such incoherent ramblings have come to define this president and serve as the millionth reason why he needs to be voted out this November.

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The weird speech didn’t contain just the “vivor” mistake though, as Trump also rambled on about “therapies” for the coronavirus, by which he seems to have meant therapeutic treatments, which can lessen symptoms. Yet again, we see Trump having no idea what he’s talking about when it comes to this deadly viral outbreak. His continued fumbling of this dire issue is one of the strongest arguments against his reelection to date.

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