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Pence and McConnell among those potentially exposed to coronavirus at AIPAC conference

Pence and McConnell among those potentially exposed to coronavirus at AIPAC conference

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In a development that some may see as a proof of the existence of karma as an operating force in the universe, it was announced yesterday that two attendees of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference had tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus.

The AIPAC conference is a must-attend event among senior Republican politicians looking to broadcast their support for the conservative-led Israeli government led by Trump ally Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Among the attendees who are now known to have been potentially exposed to the deadly virus by their attendance at the conference are Vice President Mike Pence and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) among a host of other legislators from both political parties.

The organizers of AIPAC sent out a tweet about an email that it had sent to all conference attendees.

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Now that the news that the coronavirus was present at the heavily attended conference is public, Israel has ordered all of its citizens who attended the conference to self-quarantine in “home isolation for 14 days,” according to The Intercept.

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Vice President Pence, who is “leading” the U.S. response to the spreading global pandemic, has issued no such restrictions on those Americans who attended and worked at the conference, eliciting further criticism of the weak and incompetent response of a Trump administration seemingly more concerned about the impact that the economic consequences of the disease on his reelection chances than on the health and welfare of the American populace.

With so many leading politicians now potentially exposed to the coronavirus, Donald Trump’s continued spread of misinformation about the extent of the disease in the United States and how to properly respond to it may finally wake up a few of his Republican defenders to the damage his presidency has caused to them personally and hopefully inspire them to work to prevent further incompetence from the worst possible person to be in charge of our nation at the time of such a crisis.

In a worst-case scenario, anyone who attended the AIPAC could have contracted the coronavirus and will become symptomatic in the next few weeks.

With the disease now likely stalking the halls of Congress and the White House, don’t be surprised if the virus’ mortality rate of 3.4%, as estimated by the World Health Organization (8% for those above 70) brings down a few of the most powerful people in the country.

With the reality of the effects of the disease now hitting so close to home, perhaps those remaining healthy members of Congress will act swiftly to make the move that will have the greatest effect on America’s efforts to mount a rational and effective response against this and any future outbreaks of dangerous pandemics, the removal of an incompetent president and his corrupt administration.

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Original reporting by Bob Brigham at RawStory and by Ryan Grim at The Intercept.

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