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FOX guest claims coronavirus fears are just “the next attempt to get Trump” after impeachment

FOX guest claims coronavirus fears are just “the next attempt to get Trump” after impeachment

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While the executives at FOX News are busy making preparations to protect themselves and their employees from the coronavirus, it appears the general public does not deserve the same thing.

One day after sending a memo to their staff detailing the steps they will be taking to fight the virus’ spread and demanding that their anchors keep viewers informed with accurate information, FOX & Friends hosts sat back and said nothing as fanatical Trump supporter Jerry Falwell Jr. complaining about the “overreaction” to the global pandemic and spread racist conspiracy theories about its origin.

“You know, it’s just strange to me how so many are overreacting…The H1N1 virus, in 2009, killed 17,000 people. It was the flu, also, I think. And there was not the same hype. It was—you just didn’t see it on the news 24/7. And it makes you wonder if there’s a political reason for that…” wondered evangelist extremist and pool boy enthusiast Jerry Falwell Jr.

He went on to clarify that the political reason was the liberal media and Democrats’ “next attempt to get Trump” since impeachment didn’t work.

Not content with that, Falwell then insinuated that the coronavirus was created by North Korea and China to deliberately infect the United States.

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“The owner of a restaurant asked me last night, he said, ‘Do you remember the North Korean leader promised a Christmas present for America, back in December? Could it be they got together with China, and this is that present?’ I don’t know. But it really is something strange going on.”

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Over the past few days, the right-wing media machine has been working overtime to paint the coronavirus as some sort of nefarious Chinese plot against America while at the same time downplaying the severity of the disease, because media alarm about the virus is some sort of nefarious liberal plot against America and its Great Leader, Donald J. Trump.

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It is deeply irresponsible for FOX News to continue promoting these whackadoo cranks and allowing them to spread misinformation when their own executives are taking decisive action to protect themselves and their employees from the virus.

Original reporting by Justin Baragona at the Daily Beast. 

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