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Marco Rubio sparks mockery after demanding people stop discussing “marshall law”

Marco Rubio sparks mockery after demanding people stop discussing “marshall law”

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The coronavirus pandemic continues to escalate with thousands of confirmed cases in the United States already and thousands more expected to fall ill in the coming days.

As the fallout from the virus grows worse and people find their lives disrupted in increasingly disturbing ways it would be great if we had political leadership we could rely on. Instead, we have a government riddled with ignorant and ill-intentioned Republicans from a local level all the way to the Oval Office. These individuals are terrible public servants during the best of times and now that we have a genuine crisis on our hands we are seeing the depths of their incompetence.

Trump fired America’s pandemic response team. Demand he reassemble it to confront the coronavirus pandemic immediately!

Donald Trump takes the crown for the worst Republican during this outbreak (as well as all the time). He started by calling the coronavirus outbreak a host, then refused to take any responsibility for what’s happening, and continues to engage in petty partisan Twitter attacks instead of focusing on the dire issues at hand. On top of all that, the virus response has been hamstrung by the fact that he decided to fire the CDC’s pandemic response team two years ago.

In addition to Trump’s more serious, dangerous mistakes we are seeing some downright embarrassing ones from other Republicans. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) took to Twitter today to demand that his followers “stop spreading stupid rumors about marshall law.” The correct term, of course, is martial law. There is no such thing as “marshall” law.

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Twitter was quick to swarm the senator for his repeated typo with mockery and references from everything to Thurgood Marshall to Marshall Mathers. In the scheme of things the mistake is funny rather than terribly serious, but it is a reminder of how consistently clueless our Republican leaders are.

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