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Trump attacks the governors of New York and Michigan as they race to deal with coronavirus

Trump attacks the governors of New York and Michigan as they race to deal with coronavirus

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The number of Americans infected with the coronavirus continues to rise as our president struggles to display even an ounce of the leadership this country needs and deserves in these trying times.

Trump himself rated his response to the pandemic as a ten out of ten, an absurdly generous assessment given the fact that this is the same man who fired the government’s pandemic response team, claimed the virus’s outbreak was a “hoax” fabricated by the Democratic Party, and glibly stated that he will take no responsibility for his administration’s inability to provide adequate testing.

As if all of that weren’t enough to prove how singularly unprepared he is to deal with this moment, Trump has also demonstrated a pathological inability to refrain from his usual tawdry partisan attacks. Yesterday, in a transparent effort to shift blame away from his failed White House, Trump attacked Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY).

Despite Cuomo’s effortless response to Trump (he offered to do his job for him), Trump went after the governor on Twitter again today. He quoted Cuomo as saying that all states should be “treated the same”  so that people don’t travel to other states looking for services. Trump responded to Cuomo’s reasonable concern by making the inane observation that “all states aren’t the same.”

Trump forced in the phrase “Chinese Virus,” his pathetic attempt to tap into his base’s noted xenophobia to lay all of the blame for the virus at the feet of the Chinese government so as to obfuscate his administration’s role in botching this crisis. He ended the tweet with a disgustingly hypocritical demand for Cuomo to “keep politics out” of it. Trump has been politicizing this from the start in the worst way possible and the sooner he gets off Twitter and does something the better off we all will be.

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Before the digital ink could even dry on his call to avoid partisan mudslinging, Trump went after Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) and said she “must work harder” and be “much more proactive.” He went on to say that he stands with Michigan, a patently untrue statement since he’s attacking the state’s executive even as she does her best to save her citizens.

The reality, of course, is the opposite of what the president claims. Governor Whitmer has responded to the situation as best as possible given the numerous failings of the federal government under Trump. She has declared a state of emergency, closed bars and restaurants, and banned large gatherings.  Michigan is fortunate to have her behind the wheel.

Once again, we see Trump making things worse for living, breathing Americans because he’s unable to display even a baseline empathy.

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