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Social media mocks draft-dodging Trump after he declares himself a “wartime president”

Social media mocks draft-dodging Trump after he declares himself a “wartime president”

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Donald Trump is perhaps the worst possible person we could have in the Oval Office during a time of crisis. Since the coronavirus first started ripping through the American populace he has been concerned about nothing but himself and his political interests. His administration’s response has been torpid and painfully incompetent and despite their best efforts they’ve been unable to obfuscate that fact.

The man himself has rated his response to the outbreak a ten out of ten, an absurdly generous assessment given the fact that this is the same man who fired the government’s pandemic response team, claimed the virus’s outbreak was a “hoax” fabricated by the Democratic Party, and glibly stated that he will take no responsibility for his administration’s inability to provide adequate testing.

After all is said and done Trump will do what he always does and insist not only that he did a great job, but that nobody could have done a better job. He has been gaslighting the American people since inauguration day and this outbreak will offer him the chance to escalate that habit to previously unimagined heights. Earlier today, he gave us a glimpse of the grand mendacities yet to come.

Trump fired America’s pandemic response team. Demand he reassemble it to confront the coronavirus pandemic immediately!

While addressing the press about the coronavirus, Trump stated that he considers himself a “wartime president.” The absurd statement was offered in part as justification for his decision to invoke a 1950 law that will allow him to expand the production of masks and other protective gear.

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More than that though, it was a transparent attempt to paint himself as a man beset by challenges yet valiantly persisting. As always, he’s the victim. Even if one takes his comment at face value he is a president who is losing the war because of his own inability to display leadership or competence.

Trump is not a wartime president. He’s barely even a president at all.

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Twitter responded with understandable incredulity.

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