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Sen. Cornyn tries to blame impeachment for Trump losing “precious weeks” of virus prep

Sen. Cornyn tries to blame impeachment for Trump losing “precious weeks” of virus prep

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As the coronavirus crisis continues to unfold at breakneck pace across the United States, the Republican efforts to exonerate the president of any wrongdoing hasn’t lost a step.

The president’s deliberate slow-walking of coronavirus testing and the administration’s criminal mismanagement of the coronavirus relief efforts have almost certainly contributed to the terrifying spread of the virus and speculation that the United States may become the epicenter of the global pandemic before long.

But Republicans are in firm denial of reality and entirely unwilling to take any responsibility, lest it hurt the president’s chances of re-election this fall. That much was made infuriatingly obvious this afternoon when Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) had the nerve to blame the President’s impeachment trial for the slow response to the coronavirus crisis.

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If one recalls correctly, the president spent most of his impeachment trial watching television, tweeting angrily, and going to Mar-a-Lago for golf. There was plenty of time for the President to be listening to intelligence reports from China and making preparations for the pandemic — and even if he was busy penning his own legal defense or the next great American novel he would still be obligated to find some time to prepare for a deadly disease because he’s the goddamn president of the United States.

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It’s beyond reprehensible to see members of the United States Senate stooping so low to excuse the negligence of President Trump, especially since literally thousands of people could die because of it.

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