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Top Republican Liz Cheney breaks with Trump: can’t fix economy if hospitals are overflowing

Top Republican Liz Cheney breaks with Trump: can’t fix economy if hospitals are overflowing

Some Republicans are like a broken clock. They manage to give the right answer in extremely limited circumstances, not often mind you, but at least enough that they should be acknowledged when they do so.

Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-WY) — the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney and the third highest-ranking GOP member in the House of Representatives — found her hands in rare alignment with the truth today as she rejected Donald Trump’s premature calls to end strict quarantines against the threat of the coronavirus and get people back to work to save the rapidly contracting American economy.

Representative Cheney explained her position in comments on a Twitter thread she forwarded from Dr. Scott Gottlieb — the former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration under Trump — who advocated a more sensible, long-term response to the COVID-19 pandemic that was in direct contradiction to the president’s eagerness to get people out of their homes and back on the streets.

The ability of a leading Republican to understand the idiocy of Trump’s single-minded focus on restarting an economy damaged by the business shutdowns — all in an effort to prevent his reelection campaign from swirling down the toilet like the defecatory product that his continued candidacy after his disastrous missteps in the early phases of the pandemic has made it — allows us some hope that the president won’t find his normally complacent Republican enablers supporting his insane and deadly agenda.

Cheney’s ability to think beyond the latest poll numbers and focus on the primacy of human lives rather than the bonuses of Wall Street executives led to her receiving praise on Twitter from people who wouldn’t normally have a good thing to say about the congresswoman and her policies.

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Kudos to Representative Cheney for her ability to buck the president when it really counts. Perhaps the praise she is receiving will lead her to remain steadfast in her opposition to Trump’s suicidal plans for the health of Americans to help save his own riches and those of his wealthy supporters.


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