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Trump defies doctors’ advice, says he wants everyone crowded into churches on Easter Sunday

Trump defies doctors’ advice, says he wants everyone crowded into churches on Easter Sunday

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Trump is counting on the Resurrection to give new life to the American economy and, by extension, to his now dwindling chances at remaining in the White House past Inauguration Day 2021 at a point when many people are wondering whether they will live long enough to see that auspicious day.

With Trump’s attention span shorter than the life of a particle generated by the Hadron supercollider, his patience with the nearly unanimous recommendations by healthcare experts — to keep everyone in the country not in an essential job on lockdown and away from their workplaces and schools to avoid the catastrophic rise in the number of infected Americans that would overwhelm the capacity of our healthcare systems — has worn thin.

Now the president is vowing to end quarantine restrictions and get people back to work — and in contagion range — by Easter Sunday.

He explained why in an interview with the one network that isn’t now cutting away from his uninformed coronavirus press briefings the minute that he starts spouting dangerous misinformation, Fox News.

(The clip is the second in the Twitter thread below.)

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Trump’s insane idea to pack people crowded together into churches as the perfect coda to the social distancing that may have saved their lives to that point is akin to the plottings of an evil supervillain with a dastardly plan to cull the herd of gullible humans willing to pledge their fealty to a false messiah on a religious holiday that he twists for his own purposes.

It’s difficult to determine whether the stupidity of the president’s idea is outweighed by its malevolence and self-interest, but with all of these factors in play, suffice it to say that the American people need to simply ignore whatever Trump, their employers, or anyone else who urges them to prematurely end their period of social isolation may tell them and keep themselves and the rest of the population safe by staying away from other people until assured by bonafide medical experts that it is safe to do so.

Still, Trump’s apparent belief that he can order people to end their state and city imposed quarantines to magically resurrect the economy in time for Easter Sunday requires a level of faith in both his intelligence and his competence that he has not earned in any way, either during this health crisis or in the rest of his presidency preceding it.

And if Trump himself winds up catching the coronavirus that is already spreading through the nation’s capitol and infecting prominent politicians like Senator Rand Paul, you had better believe that not only will Trump be swearing that he was referring to Easter of 2021, but that his prayers for resurrection will be loud and plaintive.

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