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Trump dismisses concerns for the health of America’s seniors by promising to treat them “lovingly”

Trump dismisses concerns for the health of America’s seniors by promising to treat them “lovingly”

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Consensus is quickly coagulating on the right that the United States should reopen businesses sooner than is medically advisable in order to preserve the economy. The result would a massive uptick in the number of deaths in this country, but Republicans are already saying that the could be an acceptable tradeoff in order for companies to continue turning profits.

It’s a shocking proposal, literally choosing for people to die so that people can make money, but it’s in perfect fitting with the motivating animus of the modern Republican Party, which exists solely as an apparatus through which the plutocratic class can shape laws and courts to more effectively line their pockets. This class was willing to accept a short-term economic shutdown but as their financial losses worsen their faux concern for the lives of others is rapidly evaporating.

Trump is leading this GOP charge and has already begun floating the idea of opening the country back up prematurely. This morning, he took to Twitter to press the message saying that people “want to return to work.” Of course, many people do want to return to work, but most of them are far more concerned about losing loved ones or becoming ill themselves.

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“They will practice Social Distancing and all else, and Seniors will be watched over protectively & lovingly,” Trump absurdly claimed. There is nothing “loving” about endangering the lives of the elderly for solely economic reasons and to suggest as much is an insult to everyone who could lose someone to this virus.

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The president also repeated his new favorite talking point that “THE CURE CANNOT BE WORSE (by far) THAN THE PROBLEM!”

Trump wants us to believe that the economic downturn—which to be clear is a serious problem that will hurt lots of Americans—is more dangerous than mass deaths. The World Health Organization revealed just recently that the global mortality rate for COVID-19 is 3.4% which means that unless Americans heed health warnings and avoid unneeded contact we could see millions of dead Americans.

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This entire sordid strategy of his is made infinitely worse when one remembers that this is the same guy who fired the government’s pandemic response team and referred to the coronavirus as a “Democratic hoax” during the early days of the outbreak. Trump has botched this crisis from the start and now his incompetence very well might get people killed.

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