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Trump accuses “LameStream Media” of pushing virus safety to hurt his reelection

Trump accuses “LameStream Media” of pushing virus safety to hurt his reelection

Narcissism. Paranoia. Delusions.

These serious signs of mental illness require the invocation of the 25th Amendment to remove Donald Trump from the helm of an America that is quickly resembling The Titanic after hitting an iceberg that was in plain sight while the captain was trying to convince all the passengers on-board that the chunk of the broken-off glacier was merely a mirage.

Unfortunately, none of the Republican toadies in Trump’s cabinet who could take this necessary action have the intestinal fortitude to rise to the occasion, even in these most desperate of times.

Narcissism, paranoia, and delusion were all on full display this afternoon as the president launched into an unhinged rant against his favorite target: the media that reports the real, verifiable facts about what has been occurring and continues to happen in this country during the coronavirus pandemic that Trump failed to move quickly enough to minimize, rather than the alternative facts that seem to exist only inside the president’s disturbed and disordered mind.

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With a complete inability to see beyond his own interests in being reelected — and the possibility of losing the race including his likely indictment on a wide range of charges for which he’s been immune from prosecution as a sitting president overseeing the Department of Justice that maintains that dubious constitutional opinion — Trump is basically telling the American people to screw the sound judgment of medical experts to maintain a national quarantine for as long as is necessary to prevent the deaths of potentially millions of Americans unable to be saved by an overwhelmed, understaffed, and under-equipped healthcare system and get the hell back to work to ensure that the economy recovers enough to give him a strong argument for a second term.

“Real people ” may “want to get back to work ASAP,” but anyone with an ounce of intelligence and an instinct for self-preservation that is a mere fraction of the president’s own butt-covering reflexes would likely prefer to preserve their own lives and those of their families and friends than go out there and win one for the Gipper Grifter.

The type of person who follows Trump’s unconvincing “inspirational” call to return to work before anyone but the president — and his billionaire corporate cronies who’ve grown fabulously wealthy off the backs of American workers while refusing to guarantee their healthcare or pay taxes sufficient to provide social services — believes that it is safe to do so is likely to find themselves not “stronger than ever” but potentially dead or with permanently reduced lung capacity.

While many may think that anyone foolish enough to believe a president with a demonstrable record of compulsive fabulism over a doctor when it comes to dealing with a pandemic is just a form of social Darwinism that will reduce the pool of available voters who are also dumb enough to give Trump a second term, many of these people — with proper care and deprogramming of the years of right-wing propaganda fed to them by Trump and his right-wing media partners in crime — can return to productive roles in society…if they ignore the president and allow themselves the chance to stay uninfected and alive.

Trump may be playing a long game here and simply be protecting himself from post-presidential prosecution by establishing a bona fide insanity defense well in advance of any actual trials.

Let’s not fall prey to his machinations. If Trump tries to reopen America prematurely, simply ignore him and stay home as part of a general strike that should only end when every American has a guarantee of affordable universal healthcare and a living wage — all funded by taxes on the billionaires who have siphoned all the wealth from the disappearing middle class since the Reagan era.

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