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Gov. Inslee directly confronts Trump over lack of leadership during conference call

Gov. Inslee directly confronts Trump over lack of leadership during conference call

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The coronavirus is ravaging the health of the American people while simultaneously driving the economy into the ground and instead of having steady leadership from the White House to rely on, we are being inundated with pathetic excuses, misdirection, and petty political feuds as our deeply incompetent president struggles just to keep his head above water.

Meanwhile, the country’s governors are working overtime to provide their states with the necessary resources and medical supplies to combat the rapidly spreading outbreak. Trump refuses to step up and take responsibility for using the federal government to give them the necessary assistance and seems far more interested in his scheme to assign blame to everyone but himself. Now, it appears at least some of the governors are getting fed up with his inaction and speaking out.

The Washington Post reports that Governor Jay Inslee (D-WA) challenged the president during a conference call between Trump and governors today. Trump told the group that the federal government is prepared to serve as “backup” for the states should the crisis spiral out of their control, a promise which Inslee rightly called out as insufficient.

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“We don’t need a backup. We need a Tom Brady,” said Inslee, referring to the record-breaking quarterback of the New England Patriots football team. The governor also called for the federal government to more aggressively mandate that private businesses and defense contractors start mass-producing much-needed supplies like ventilators.

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As expected, Trump—who recently referred to Inslee as a “snake”—got “defensive” and insisted that his administration has done plenty to fight the pandemic. Later, Trump spoke to reporters about the call and while he didn’t call out Inslee by name he did say that one of the governors was a “wise guy,” which is a terrible way to describe an elected official simply trying to advocate for the people of his state.

Once again, we are presented with clear proof that Trump is unfit for office and is only capable of making things worse. It’s clear that if we are to weather this national nightmare together we will have to rely on leaders like Inslee and ignore men like Trump.

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