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“NAME YOUR SOURCES!”: Trump savagely attacks media reporting the reality contradicting his claims

“NAME YOUR SOURCES!”: Trump savagely attacks media reporting the reality contradicting his claims

Apparently more concerned about his own political polling numbers than in saving lives by providing accurate information during the coronavirus pandemic that he initially downplayed as likely to be over by now, Donald Trump has been rightfully called out on his gaslighting of America by the mainstream media.

The media see their mission to be to report actual facts about the shortages of protective gear for medical personnel rather than parrot Trump’s narcissistic boasts about what a great job he is doing and his demands for fealty from state governors in a quid pro quo for much needed federal assistance that Trump has dragged his feet on from the beginning of the crisis.

For the thin-skinned president, this is akin to waving a red flag in front of an orange bull.

Trump diverted his attention this morning from the medical and economic crisis at hand to engage in one of his favorite leisure activities, bashing the media that inconveniently contradicts his attempts at creating a reality distortion field that the coronavirus is making it increasingly difficult to maintain.

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Trump’s fantasy that reporters sit at their desks all day inventing stories deliberately designed to harm his presidency has several diagnoses attached to it — paranoia & delusion among them —  and likely stems from the president’s projection of his own disordered thought processes and behavior onto the motivations of others, as this nearly eight-year-old tweet that he sent demonstrates.

Trump’s obsession with trying to destroy the credibility of the media as an authoritative source of accurate information — at the height of a health emergency where the importance of delivering timely and meticulously vetted data to the public is paramount — is just another sign of his insecurity over the failure of his leadership and his placing himself and his chances of reelection over the safety of the American people.

Not content with a single tweet on the topic as the avalanche of negative coverage of his actions and inactions during the COVID-19 pandemic knocks him off his feet, Trump was back at the same rant shortly after posting the first one.

The irony of the president who is documented to have made the largest number of false and misleading statements of any president in history — the one hyperbolic superlative about Trump that is actually true — attacking the credibility of the media that documents his lies is sadly lost on Trump and his followers who foolishly still deign to believe his con-artistry.

The difference this time around is that believing Trump’s lies could prove to be a death sentence not just for his self-deluded political base, but for way too many people in their surrounding communities if they follow the president’s urgings to return to work by Easter.

Unfortunately, those who most need to be convinced of the truth about the coronavirus pandemic and the administration’s response to it will be pushed further away from the sources of accurate information by Trump’s malicious and defensive tweets.

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Vinnie Longobardo
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