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Trump frantically denies report he asked baseball star Alex Rodriguez for virus advice

Trump frantically denies report he asked baseball star Alex Rodriguez for virus advice

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A global pandemic of this magnitude would be a nightmare even with the most-accomplished, competent leader at the helm. Under our current president, a washed-up reality television star with the intellectual horsepower of a hamster, the crisis is rapidly evolving into a disaster of near-apocalyptic proportions.

Since the outbreak began, Trump has had access to the world’s great scientific and medical minds. Rather than leaning on their expertise to properly prepare the country for the viral onslaught, he chose instead to dismiss the coronavirus as a “Democratic hoax.” Once the bodies began to pile up and that lie became untenable, he simply pivoted to heaping blame on the governors actually doing the heavy-lifting to fight the virus.

Tragically for the American people, there are no indications that Trump intends to change his behavior and begin treating this pandemic with the gravity and attention it so clearly deserves. Instead, he appears to be retreating even further into his bizarre idiosyncrasies, including his unhealthy obsession with celebrities.

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According to ABC’s John Stanucci, Trump called up former professional baseball player Alex Rodriguez to ask for his “thoughts” on the administration’s response to the pandemic. While the call was apparently “pleasant,” it was obviously a pathetic effort on the part of the president to have his monstrous ego stroked and appeased. Most news coverage has been pointing out how badly the White House has fumbled its response and Trump, a man who lives for flattery, is incapable of taking criticism.

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It should hardly need to be pointed out that Rodriguez, despite his illustrious career playing for the New York Yankees, has absolutely no medical expertise and shouldn’t be one of the people the president spends his limited time discussing the virus with. Once again, we see that he simply isn’t taking this crisis seriously enough.

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Of course, the news that he is consulting with athletes as a deadly virus ravages the country isn’t exactly flattering PR for Trump, so our habitually mendacious leader decried the report as “More Fake News!” At this point though, anyone who believes a single thing that comes out of this man’s mouth, digital or otherwise, is a total fool.

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