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Trump interrupts virus press conference to state that his hair is real: “And it’s mine.”

Trump interrupts virus press conference to state that his hair is real: “And it’s mine.”

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Donald Trump still insists on holding regular press conferences about the coronavirus despite the fact that his muddled, misinformed rants accomplish nothing beyond reminding the American people how fundamentally incompetent their federal leadership is during one of the worst crises in modern history.

Since he first dismissed the coronavirus as a “Democratic hoax” Trump has failed to treat this growing pandemic with the seriousness it deserves and seems far more interested in assigning blame to political rivals than tackling the growing health crisis. The man is habitually incapable of empathy so it should come as little surprise that the deaths of American citizens mean little to him beyond whatever effect they might have on his reelection prospects.

During today’s press appearance, our orange buffoon of a president stood in front of the podium, struggling to focus on his written remarks as the wind whipped his hair about. Ultimately, he proved unable to stay on task.

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“My hair is blowing around,” Trump said to the millions of Americans who were watching in the hopes of learning more about their government’s plans for fighting the virus. “And it’s mine. The one thing you cannot get away with. It is a problem if you are president,” he added before awkwardly segueing right back into his prepared remarks.

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On the long list of Trump’s myriad mistakes and bizarre behavior, this little moment obviously ranks towards the bottom in terms of egregiousness. That said, it is a reminder that at all times, no matter what responsibilities he’s supposed to be dealing with, Donald Trump is focused on himself. Americans are dying and he’s busy worrying about how bad his sorry head of hair appears on television. It might be funny if the situation weren’t so grave.

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