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Trump launches bizarre Twitter attack on “politically correct Automobile Companies”

Trump launches bizarre Twitter attack on “politically correct Automobile Companies”

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Amidst all of the chaos caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the White House’s subsequent botching of the federal health response, it can be easy to lose sight of all the unrelated ways in which the Trump administration is actively hurting this country.

There is a long road ahead to get through this deadly outbreak, and once we emerge on the other side there will be a slew of serious issues to tackle immediately, from fixing our healthcare system to combatting climate change. Thanks to Trump, the latter challenge is getting harder by the day.

The Trump White House has officially finished repealing regulations from the Obama years that were designed to lower automobile emissions. While the current government argues it will make cars cheaper for consumers, the move will make our air dirtier, contribute to global warming, and according to the EPA’s advisory board may not even save Americans money in the long run as they end up paying more for gasoline.

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Quite simply put, it’s a  classic Republican move: prioritize profits over everything else, including the health of Americans and the fate of the planet itself. The president himself, desperate for a win as more and more of the country realizes how incapable he is of handling the COVID-19 crisis, is trying to tout this regressive repeal as a victory.

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Trump took to Twitter to brag about the weakened emission standards, incorrectly claiming that it will actually make cars more “environmentally friendly” when in fact it does the exact opposite. He followed it up with another tweet slamming the “failed Obama Emissions Rule,” without articulating what about the rule he thinks was a failure. As is so often the case, Trump’s bird-brained ideology boils down to Obama=Bad.

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The president finished up with a tweet slamming the “politically correct Automobile Companies,” because apparently adhering to rules that prevent toxic substances from polluting our lungs and warming our planet is now “political correctness.”

The absurdity of the tweet shows once again that so many conservative talking points are merely smokescreens used to cover up their true kleptocratic motives. This has nothing to do with fighting “political correctness,” it has to do with the GOP dismantling necessary regulations for the sake of profits. Donald Trump is making the world a worse place in near incalculable ways and if we don’t vote him out in November it may never recover.

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