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Trump mocks Pelosi’s praying and trashes “psycho” Morning Joe in bizarre tweet

Trump mocks Pelosi’s praying and trashes “psycho” Morning Joe in bizarre tweet

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) should be worried.

Donald Trump mentioned her in a tweet this morning and almost wound up complimenting her.

Of course, what passes for near-praise in the president’s hands was surrounded by heinous insults towards both the top Democrat and the co-host of the MSNBC program that Pelosi was appearing on, Joe Scarborough.

The president — who seems more concerned with television ratings than the potential deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans from the coronavirus — started with an attack on Morning Joe himself, denigrating the ratings of his show and replacing Scarborough’s first name with an adjective more aptly descriptive of his own personality, “Psycho.”

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Again betraying his predilection for spending his time watching cable news coverage of his administration rather than attending to the myriad of crucial issues facing our nation during this pandemic that he is bungling, Trump also admits that his motivation for changing the channel from his usual diet of Fox and Friends was to confirm his own biases against the Democratic Speaker of the House, implying that anything she would propose would be harmful to America.

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It was a typical form of psychological projection from a president who is unable himself to take a single action that doesn’t “further hurt our Country” in one way or another, either intentionally — such as his order today to roll back emission standards for automakers and thus eliminate policies designed to fight climate change — or unintentionally — as his inaction and failure to quickly respond to the COVID-19 virus resulted in a more rapid spread and more deaths than could have been at least partially mitigated.

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Even when Trump tries to say something less than absolutely vile about Speaker Pelosi, he has to frame it with a preface noting her accurate assessment of his own sociopathic behavior before offering up a grudging “not bad” judgment of her overall appearance on Morning Joe.

Still, finding it impossible to end his tweet with even a half-positive statement, Trump goes on to mock Speaker Pelosi’s religiosity by mocking her comments that she prays for the president.

The American people deserve a president who does more than watch TV and tweet snarky comments about his political opponents instead of one who indulges in self-fulfilling prophesy about the uselessness of a federal government that his mismanagement has rendered unable to properly react to the largest crisis our society has faced in most of our lifetimes.

Then again, until we get another chance to boot him from office, perhaps we’re better off if he just sits in front of the TV and tweets rather than do anything else that would actively screw the country further.

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