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Trump trashes virus-ravaged “complainer” states for their “insatiable” need for medical supplies

Trump trashes virus-ravaged “complainer” states for their “insatiable” need for medical supplies

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A disturbing fact to reflect on at any length is that, had he not had the good fortune of being born to a father who managed to hand him over $400 million through tax evasion schemes, Donald J. Trump would be whiling away in obscurity or—if his crooked tendencies asserted themselves in an impoverished or middle-class version of his life—possibly rotting behind bars. Simply put, the man is an atrocious businessman who never could have built up his ill-gotten empire without massive inherited privilege.

Unfortunately for the world, Trump was born into unimaginable wealth which in turn allowed him (along with a lot of racism) to fail his way right into the White House, where he now presides over a country he lacks the empathy to truly care for or the skills to competently govern. Having such a monstrous ignoramus serve as president would have been a mess under normal circumstances, but having him at the wheel during a global pandemic iss proving absolutely disastrous.

As medical facilities around the country struggle to deal with an increasing influx of patients whilst simultaneously working around severe shortages of necessary supplies and personal protection equipment, Trump is busy casting doubt on the severity of the situation.

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This morning, Trump took to Twitter to boast about the “massive amount” of supplies being delivered by the federal government to the states. As usual, he’s far more focused on making himself look in control than he is in giving an accurate representation of the hurdles still ahead.

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It’s worth noting that earlier this week a Republican governor was forced to speak out against the president after Trump claimed that he hadn’t heard of any problems with access to testing kits.  Clearly, Trump cannot be trusted to accurately describe what his administration is doing. He will always present things in a way that is most advantageous to himself, regardless of the mortal consequences.

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The tweet then immediately pivoted back to downplaying the outbreak. Trump accused some states of having “insatiable appetites.” He added that they are “never satisfied” and implied that they are playing politics to make him look bad. It truly cannot be articulated how absolutely vile this line of rhetoric is. These states are “insatiable” because people are getting sick and dying in unprecedented droves as the president twiddles away with petty partisan feuds.

Trump wasn’t done there though. He went on to say that the “complainers,” by which he means the governors and state officials working around the clock to save lives, should have been better prepared. At a time when these people need every ounce of support they can get, the President of the United States is attacking them.

Trump refuses to take responsibility for tackling this pandemic, simultaneously papering over his own colossal failures while casting aspersions on those breaking their backs to compensate for such a pronounced lack of federal leadership. By the time all of this is over Donald Trump will have the blood of countless Americans on his hand.

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