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Trump Sunday Twitter roundup: The president praises his sycophants and the Queen while slamming “Fake News”

Trump Sunday Twitter roundup: The president praises his sycophants and the Queen while slamming “Fake News”

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This morning Donald Trump retweeted his own post from yesterday afternoon outlining his plans for a Palm Sunday when all but the most recalcitrant and defiant pastors have closed their churches to comply with the shutdown orders in effect during the coronavirus outbreak.

Perhaps it would have been wise for the president to refrain from publicizing the time that he would supposedly be in virtual attendance for the online worship service — or at least refrain from posting to Twitter during the hour that the service was being conducted if he wanted people to actually believe that he was paying the least bit of attention to the kickoff of the Christian Holy Week.

Unsurprisingly, given that Trump isn’t known for being a font of wisdom to begin with, posts galore popped up on the president’s Twitter feed during the appointed time he was supposedly participating in the virtual service. Well, he was already online, so perhaps the temptation was just too great to peek at his phone as the siren call of the white bird in the blue icon broke past the prayers for redemption.

With Trump’s Twitter feed degenerating of late into a torrent of retweets of right-wing Republican propaganda generators with only the occasional presidential comment and a rare original composition thrown into the mix, one gets the sense that the president’s notorious unwillingness to actually do anything resembling work — with much of each day devoted to the euphemism of “executive time” — has finally crept into his social media habits as well, leaving the heavy lifting of actually composing tweets to conservative news outlets like Fox News and OAN, Republican party luminaries, and his social media guru Dan Scavino.

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Trump actually posted a few religiously-themed tweets amidst his multiple reposts of Bernie Sanders supporter Joe Rogan’s statement that he’d rather vote for Trump than Joe Biden and sycophantic praise of his handling of the coronavirus epidemic from GOP leaders.

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At least one of the quotes he retweeted from evangelical pastors hinted that Americans shouldn’t count on their federal government to come to their rescue during this bout of pestilence and instead should simply pray their way out of the pandemic.

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Cue Doors singer Jim Morrison shouting: “You cannot petition the lord with prayer!”

It didn’t work during the bubonic plague, and it won’t work now.

Still, despite his brief spiritual jaunt, Trump found the time to criticize the “Fake News” media, attack an advocate for justice for the Palestinian people as anti-Semitic, and tell us how much he loves Britain’s Queen Elizabeth.

If only Trump would correct his own “Fake News” instead of attacking journalists who question his veracity!

Apparently “the spirit of 9-11” means accepting whatever the president says no matter what, a situation that led to the worthless Iraq war in the wake of that last enormous Republican gaslighting of the public.

Trump demonstrates his anti-Palestinian bias on a regular basis, so his endorsement of this post from a random Twitter poster is no surprise.

Given the notably chilly reception that Queen Elizabeth has afforded Trump in the past, the feelings may not be mutual.

Perhaps the most unintentionally hilarious post that the president made this morning was this one.

After yesterday afternoon’s coronavirus press briefing where Trump practically simultaneously told the nation to prepare for “a lot of death” while vowing to reopen the country to business as soon as possible, his ability to discern when a mixed message is actually being sent is under serious question.

Then again, how could it be possible for this president to lose credibility that he never had to begin with?

Trump only strained his believability further with his next set of posterior-smooching retweets, a trio of quotes from Fox News contributor Gayle Trotter.

Trotter’s hot take claiming that Trump is “winning” the briefings with his lie- and excuse-filled semi-coherent responses to legitimate questions from respected journalists about the administration’s delayed shambolic response to the COVID-19 pandemic naturally earns the president’s thanks.

With no press briefing scheduled for today to update the nation on the progress of the efforts against the pandemic, Trump will likely be back on Twitter later in the day.

We’ll keep you updated on his latest missives, but to expect them to be much different from his usual fare is as optimistic as Trump’s assessment of the efficacy of untested drugs against the coronavirus.

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