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Trump wonders if virus is “beating” up the “Failing New York Times”

Trump wonders if virus is “beating” up the “Failing New York Times”

There is a pandemic claiming the lives of more and more Americans every day and the President of the United States refuses to adjust his petty, egomaniacal behavior to address the growing crisis.  Earlier today, he took to Twitter to launch what feels like his millionth attack on the free press, revealing in the process that his priority is and always will be settling his own cheap political scores.

Trump claimed that advertising revenues for the “Failing New York Times” have gone “way down” and that The Washington Post is not faring “much better.” He floated the possibility that this alleged revenue drop is because readers recognize them as so-called “Fake News sources of information” which “few can understand.” His points were as nonsensical as they were poorly worded.

The tweet then took a decidedly gross turn, as Trump mused that perhaps these newspapers are struggling because the “Virus is just plain beating them up.” Whether he was alluding to the outlets selling fewer papers because of the economy-wide downturn or because their writers are contracting coronavirus was unclear, but either explanation provides a level of callousness that is frankly unprecedented coming from a president.

“Fake News is bad for America!” Trump ended the tweet, ironically providing a better description of his daily lie-filled Twitter outbursts than of these newspapers’ practices.

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President Trump shouldn’t be taking any pleasure in an outbreak that he should have done more to prevent and yet here we are, watching him scrape the bottom of the barrel of presidential behavior.

This man is supposed to be guiding us through this deadly outbreak. Instead, he’s on Twitter gloating that the pandemic is hurting newspapers that he sees as his enemies. These are American citizens who, because they dare to print truthful yet unflattering stories about Trump, now find themselves on the receiving end of a presidential tweet wallowing in their misery. In failing them, he fails all of us.

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