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Twitter erupts in outrage after Trump lets Ivanka run White House virus call with CEOs

Twitter erupts in outrage after Trump lets Ivanka run White House virus call with CEOs

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Americans facing financial hardships precipitated by the spread of the coronavirus fear not: the incredibly unqualified queen of nepotism herself, Ivanka Trump, is on the case. As our nation struggles to contend with the dual specters of mounting deaths and economic slowdown, the president is once again demonstrating where his crooked priorities lie.

During a conference call with business leaders today, Trump elected to bring the First Daughter along, giving her a seat at the table that could have easily been filled by any one of the countless economic experts that the President of the United States has access to. As if that weren’t already enough, he actually handed the conversation over to her to lead.

It was a transparent effort to undeservedly inflate her public profile once again, pumping political capital to her that she can eventually use for financial gain or—should fate be so cruel—to boost an eventual bid for elected office.

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Ivanka’s remarks were utterly inane as usual, a mix of fawning praise for her ignoramus father and trite platitudes that allow her to project the facade of caring about other people without actually taking concrete steps.

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At one point, the president made the absolutely laughable claim that Ivanka “created over 15 million jobs.”

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“My daughter Ivanka Trump who just wants to have people working. I gave her lots of options. What do you like? She created over 15 million jobs working with some of you, but working with the biggest companies in the world,” claimed Trump without evidence.

Moments like this make one yearn for a time when the American government with all its tremendous power wasn’t treated like the personal property of a cryptocriminal family with monarchal fantasies. When the Trumps are finally, blessedly ejected from the Oval Office it will take ages to wash out the stench of corruption.


As is so often the case, social media was quick to inundate the president’s daughter with the most brutal (and well-deserved) of criticisms.

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